With more updates each week than a Microsoft patch, the NSW Govt is quickly moving ahead with reopening Community Sport. That means official bunch rides are back and so is racing! We can’t wait to ride with you all again.

For MWCC members (and other AusCycling club members who want to join us), we are managing rides through TeamApp. It’s easy to use and helps us manage club rides. Please help us get back to group riding as easily as possible by using TeamApp and signing on to each ride before you join. You MUST be a member of a club to ride with us.

Club rides recommence Tuesday 26th October with all rides listed on TeamApp.

For club ride and races, make sure your membership is up to date. This protects you, your ride buddies and the club.

We have two West Head race dates planned:

  • Dec 12 – Road Race

We also hope to bring HART crits back this summer! Stay tuned…

In the meantime head across to our online shop and get yourself a new Beaches kit as the weather warms up!