Life membership is awarded for “exemplary services to the club”.

Bernard “Bernie” Freeman served the club across three decades from the 1980s to the 2000s in many roles including President and Treasurer. (We would like to know more about Bernie if you can help out)

Peter McNamara is honoured for keeping the club running through our dark years. With club numbers at an all time low in the early 2000s Pete kept the races going, served as the whole committee and laid the foundation for the rebirth of the club to follow. Pete still rides with the club most days and you’ll often see him on Pittwater Rd in the mornings.

Jim Buda served on the committee from 2008 to 2018, becoming President in 2011. Jim’s leadership saw a strong growth period for the club, going from around 80 members up to 400. Jim helped to forge a strong identity for MWCC as we transitioned from rebirth to the powerhouse that MWCC is today. Jim’s contribution is also noted for the development of cyclo-cross within MWCC, with the club hosting state and national events.

Richard Saunders served as club Treasurer from 2008 to 2020 and has played many a role in the life of MWCC looking after our finances, club kit, junior development and West Head Racing. Richard formalised the race sanctions and approval for racing at West Head so anyone who has raced there can thank him. He also served as Race Director for many years. Richard started our Neos ride to help juniors develop their endurance, ran junior training camps and supported their racing at Heffron, HART and state events.

Alexis Kaless served in many roles from 2008 to 2020, as club Secretary, Vice President and Handicapper. He was the brains behind our custom kit bringing club kit into the fashion world with Attaquer, and also made MWCC the first kit in the world to get the Rapha custom treatment! Alexis was instrumental in so many aspects of the club, notably in the running of our West Head Racing with a microphone in his hand. However is will be his work on social media that will be most remembered. Never one to shy away from pushing the boundaries, Alexis built a huge online following for the club with his witty humour.