This is Sydney’s funnest crit course and will test you every lap.

Race essentials:

  • 4 graded scratch races: A, B, C, D grades
  • 6:30pm start
  • $15 entry online. $20 on the day (card only, no cash)
  • Must have a “Race All Discipline” licence or Event Licence from AusCycling
  • Cash (EFT) prizes for podiums and premes
  • We won’t race if it’s wet. All pre-entries will be refunded.
  • Enter online at

Thanks as always to our sponsors Loan Market, Bill Buckle, DHB and Mentor1 and our main man Richard “Drastic” Measures for running the show.

More details for those who like it:

May we ask something please? If you have kids or friends with kids, please encourage them to come along. If you are bringing your kids, or simply want to help, we’d love you to help support this next generation.

The roles we would like to rotate through various people are:

– Race coordination

– Adults at the front and rear of each bunch (to encourage safety and teach bunch etiquette)

– Encouragers on the side of the road, particularly at the pinch S-bend on the course, to encourage the kids along 

Junior (Training) Races

Kids, on road bikes, in a safe environment. With more kids on bikes than ever before, we want to create an avenue for aspiring road riders. Bring your kids out for some fun on the road.

Manly Warringah Cycling Club (MWCC) is looking to nurture the next generation of cycling racing. We run junior “races” at HART St Ives before the adult races. The goal is for it to be a fun, accessible and safe introduction to racing for kids. 

As this is new and evolving, we will review how many kids come and format options regularly. Suffice it to say, we are looking at having 3 likely age groups (girls and boys racing together, at least as we begin):

– 7 to 9 year olds (age at 31st December the previous year).
– 10-11 year olds
– 12-13 year olds. 

As this is new, we may have two bunches, rather than three, so please work with us as we grow this. And if some kids from a younger age group are spectacularly talented, we’ll likely encourage them to join an older age group more appropriate for their skills.

We will look to vary the formats between full HART course, half HART course, bunch race and time trial formats. Due to the adult racing which will start at 6:30pm, the kids races will be between 10-20 minutes, and likely we’ll run bunches on the course at the same time, just like we do with the adults. 

As this is an introduction to racing, we don’t want anyone to feel left out if they want to come. If your children have a form of racing bike – great, but if they have a mountain bike with gears or even a 3 speed rear hub bike, they are welcome to come along. As mentioned our goals are for it to be fun and safe and to introduce the kids to bunch riding and other important cycling skills. 

Kids essentials

  • Ages 7-13
  • Not real races yet but bunch riding skills to work towards racing hopefully in the new year
  • From 5:30pm for sign in. 6:00pm sharp on the course (no earlier).
  • It’s free!
  • No licence or membership required – just show up
  • We won’t ride if it’s wet.