We’re excited to announce our 2022 race calendar – including both road racing, time trials and CX! Special thanks to the organising committee who’ve spent a lot of time liaising with National Parks, RMS and Police.


Road races and TT will be at West Head

CX will be at Terrey Hills.

Criteriums will be at HART Driver Training Centre

Events 2022:

April 3 – Time Trial

May 1 – Road Race

May 22 – CX

May 29 – Road Race

June 26 – Time Trial (Compass series)

July 17 – Road Race (Battle of the Bridge rd1, Location TBD)

Aug 28 – Road Race

Sept 11 – Road Race – The World Championships of West Head

Oct 2 – Time Trial

Nov 13 – Road Race

Dec 11 – Road Race (The Wall – handicap)