Photo Courtesy of Antony Mulhall

Well the Division 3 race wasn’t quite as successful for the club as the Division 2 race but I thought I would write a quick report to maybe inspire a few more guys to sign up for next year.

Lane Cove Tunnel, M2 & M7 – getting to this race is nearly as expensive as the entry fee. I noted on the race program there were about six or so MWCC riders down for Division 3, however on the start line I didn’t see any familiar faces or baby blue kits. The race started and the guys from Northern Sydney went to the front and rode a solid pace for the first couple of kms. I was up towards the front but had to change wheels ASAP – the guy in front of me was severely breaching Euro pro cyclist rule # 16 – “Kits must always be freshly washed, and one shall ALWAYS have applied a subtle quantity of eau de toilette (or “cologne”).”

Up and over the first climb without too much trouble but looking around it seemed about half the bunch had been dropped. Again, the guys from Northern Sydney looking resplendent in their new club kit, went to the front and drove a solid pace along the Blaxland ridgeline. Northern Sydney seemed content to drive the pace and I sat in comfortably working out when to have a go on the second lap.

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