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INTERVIEW: Jake Kauffman 2011 Club Champion

MWCC thought that it might be appropriate to introduce our new club champion to all our members with a quick getting to know you session with Jake Kauffman. Jake certainly has a presence within any peloton simply due to the fact that his rugby background means that his biceps aren’t the smallest muscle on his body and when his legs getting pumping there aren’t many that can hold his wheel as shown recently with his sprint victory at the Club Championships.

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MWCC Club Champs 2011

The rain held off for just long enough to make almost all who ventured out to west head believe that racing was both possible and better than staying in bed. Surprisingly just short of 40 riders had peered out their windows that morning, looked at the wet ground and advancing gloom and had thought “I am going out to west head to race”. In the face of such unwarranted and misguided optimism the call to race was made.

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