It is huge in Europe, growing in the US, even Victoria has some racing; so we realised we had to compete and get down and dirty as well. MWCC & MWMTB will be hosting 4 rounds of Cyclo Cross Racing over December and January.

The first round will be held on the 3rd of December and due to it being a new sport: all bikes will be allowed to race on course, so bring your mountain bike, road bike, fixie or commuter and give the course a go! Regardless of your skill level you will have to negotiate the jumps, bumps and running up stairs – all the best parts that you would expect from a cyclo cross course. If it rains – even better!

The course provides a mixture of muddy trails, normal road, jumps over fallen trees, stairs and plenty of bumps. Cycling NSW described the course as ‘perfect’. Each grade will do a number of laps on our looped course.

The club will be running various grades and those with cross bikes will have their own grade and race. All grades have an entry fee of $10. You will need a current Cycling Australia, MTBA or BMX licence, although one day licences will be available at an additional cost on top of the current race entry.

More details will be available on the MWCC website as the date gets even closer…


  1. Will

    Other dates for the racing will be:
    17 December
    7 January
    21 January

  2. Will

    Registration will be open from 8 am with racing to kick off from 8:40.

    Entry will be $10 with either Cycling Australia & MTBA Licences accepted. MTBA Day licences are available for $20 – entry fee is then on top of this.

    8:40 Open & Sport (30 minutes + 1 lap)

    9:50 Prestige Class (40 minutes + 1 lap)

    What do the classes mean?

    Open – If you’re a A or B grade road or Mountain Bike rider this is the class for you. Any bike suitable for racing is allowed (mountain bike or cyclocross bike)

    Sport – If you’re a C or below grade road or Mountain Bike rider, or even a novice racer wanting to see what it’s about this grade is for you. Burglers will be frowned upon. Any bike is suitable (roadie,commuter, fixie, as long as it has brakes and is considered safe)

    Prestige: This is grade is open to anyone, as long as your bike satisfies the requirements for a cyclocross bike. Riders in this class can race the Open/Sport race also (Entry to both races will be $15)

    Since this is our first race of the series, we will be open to feedback for future rounds.

    Race will be on regardless of weather.

  3. Will

    Perfect timing – a blog to help with your understanding of cyclo cross.

  4. Rob


    Place Name Race Number Time
    1 Nick Both (Redshift Racing) 31 0:46:37
    2 Warren Burgess (Manly Warringah) 35 0:49:43
    3 Gary Harwood 9 0:52:33
    4 John Miller 26 – 1 lap
    5 Carl Fokkema 5 – 1 lap
    6 Duncan Markham (Manly Warringah) 27 – 1 lap
    7 David Watkison 16 – 1 lap
    8 Hugh Flower (City Bike Depot) 12 – 1 lap
    9 Arran Pearson 34 – 1 lap
    10 Luke Haworth-Booth 3 – 2 laps
    11 Didier Suzor (Manly Warringah) 18 – 3 laps
    Richard Knowles (Northern Suburbs CC) 23 DNF
    Michael Dodd – SS 32 DNF
    Ray Giddins (Sutherlan Shire CC) 22 DNF

    OPEN – 6 Laps
    Place Name Race Number Time
    1 Henry Baird 24 0:35:32
    2 Fabian Gurrero (WSMTB) 2 0:35:40
    3 Brent Dawson (Dubbo CC) 3 0:36:54
    4 Nick Wood (RBCC) 35 0:38:24
    5 Mike Wood 31 0:38:32
    6 Greg Reinhardt (Peloton Sports) 18 0:40:07
    7 Colin Cook (TORC) 34 0:41:10
    8 Zoe King (Manly Warringah MTB) 11 0:41:31

    SPORT – 6 Laps
    Place Name Race Number Time
    1 Tim Neal 25 0:37:37
    Alissan Serra (City Bike Depot) DNF

  5. Carl

    Thanks for MWCC for organising race, look forward to next round.

    Drivetrain definitely needs some sorting, as does body.

  6. Mick

    Watched some awesome racing out there on Saturday morning. Big thanks to MWCC for stepping up and running a CX race in Sydney. It wont be long before these races are huge.

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