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Looking for an activity for the next school holidays? MWCC is running four days of bike skills camps for kids to give them skills for life. Our next camp dates are in January 2021, and clinics are run by qualified coaches. Among Us won’t be popular forever, but being able to ride a bike is always cool. Register your children now.

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Optimising Your Race Warm Up

Have you ever been in a race and ten minutes in you say to yourself: “I think I’m in trouble” – but after another ten minutes you suddenly think: “I’m starting to feel pretty good now”. With CB Squared, they have the ability to get you starting at that feel good point. We investigated what they were up to and find out our own physiological limitations. Continue reading

Rolling with MWCC: Mt White Ride

Doing 3 Peaks or coming with us to the Hunter? Or perhaps you just want a solid day in the saddle with some company. The rolling with MWCC ride will take you on a hilly adventure that will help you find your climbing legs, work on your tan lines and get a few kilometres into your legs. If you aren’t going to NSCC Beauie Worlds then join us on our adventure. Continue reading