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Mountains to the Beach

Earlier this month MWCC members and club sponsor John Miller and Mark Hardy (weatherzone) went down to do the Mountains to the Sea stage mountain bike race. This happened to coincide with some record rainfalls so the report is pretty much about toughness and less about beautiful scenery in crisp sunshine. John and Mark are now in South Africa doing the Cape Epic so they will need all the toughness they can muster for the equivalent of 6 or 7 back to back Highland Flings.
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The Whistler Chronicles

Blog post by Mark Hardy

Well the first entry in the Whistler chronicles does not start in Whistler but Kyoto Japan. I decided to go to Whistler via Tokyo to get in some business meetings and some riding over the weekend. So I travelled down to Kyoto and met up with Vincent Flanagan, an aussie MTB legend from the 80s and 90s who has been living in Kyoto area for 17 years. He knows the area well and runs bike tours in the spring and autumn for international groups of 10 or so people over 10 days riding around the surrounding area.

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