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Fixed Wheel Cup Results 20 Dec

There was little sign of snow at HART for the Christmas Fixed Wheel Cup round 2, with temperatures in the high 30’s.   A grade was boosted by a few late arrivals as B grade was full, and Mitch Dixon, Evan Snow and Oliver Whalley all showed us what they are made of with newly crowned MWCC B grade Champion Dixon finishing in 8th place setting the standard for us all to follow, moving from his first D grade win at West Head to his first A grade race in a couple of seasons of racing.   Continue reading

Fixed Wheel Cup – Friday 13th Report

Summer brings many things, warmth, christmas, holidays and extended hours of light. It is these extended hours of light that I particularly like. The opportunity to go riding after work or in today’s case a last minute (very last minute) opportunity to go watch some other people race bikes. Joshua Nicholson provides his account. Continue reading
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