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The Whistler Chronicles

Blog post by Mark Hardy

Well the first entry in the Whistler chronicles does not start in Whistler but Kyoto Japan. I decided to go to Whistler via Tokyo to get in some business meetings and some riding over the weekend. So I travelled down to Kyoto and met up with Vincent Flanagan, an aussie MTB legend from the 80s and 90s who has been living in Kyoto area for 17 years. He knows the area well and runs bike tours in the spring and autumn for international groups of 10 or so people over 10 days riding around the surrounding area.

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Racing with Andy Crawley : Base Line Testing Part 1

Follow local Manly Rider Andy Crawley as he trains and races in the National Road Series this year.

This is the first in a series of videos and blogs from Andy’s team nutrition sponsor NutriScience.com.au. NutriScience has been kind enough to provide a number of team members with Quarq powermeters, Garmin 800 head units & Tanita Body Composition Scales. Using this data the team at NutriScience will produce a series of blogs & videos to demonstrate about how riding with proper nutrition can help a riders performance. This first video shows a quick clip of the baseline testing the riders performed on Monday. Who knows with all this help Andy may even win a sprint…..