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MFR – B2B Report

The Mobius Future Racing Team headed along to the Blayney to Bathurst cycling festival, which forms an important part of their early season. The weekend plays host to a number of events, namely the NSW hill climb championships on the Saturday and the B2B Gold Wave Road Race on the Sunday. Continue reading

Blayney to Bathurst 2012

The Blayney to Bathurst cyclosportive was my first proper race outside of Sydney’s usual club races. I was also aiming at the Tour of Canberra initially planned to be in early May, but it got cancelled. The Blayney race was then my only chance to see if that training plan was working. In the last two weeks I was starting to reap the benefits of the 3 Peaks ride I did in March, and the peaking protocol of reducing training volume while maintaining some intensity helped with reducing fatigue.
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Blayney to Bathurst 2011

Photographer Tony Mulhall

Saturday Sunshine and Success

Due to a virus which nailed me to the mattress for over a week I was out of the team for the B2B 2011. This has been my favourite race for the last few years as the general course and race conditions suit me so I was more than shattered not to be in the squad.

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