Tag: Advocacy

Is This Sustainable?

I noted this photo from Belrose Bicycles on social media and it was similar but better to the one i had taken the previous Sunday, this is quickly becoming the norm on the Northern Beaches and most of Sydney. It often seems that Government and driver logic is – we need to discourage other forms of transport.  Continue reading

A Metre Matters But At What Cost?

All cyclists and Joe Public are now aware of the new fines that are to be introduced in March that directly impact cyclists and that will run in conjunction with a new one metre passing law. At MWCC we are concerned that these new changes do nothing to improve the liveability of our cities nor improve the safety of cyclists on our roads. So we sent our top men in President Jim Buda and our CX/MTB Rep Dave Musgrove to meet directly with our local member and Premier Mike Baird. Continue reading