West Head Road Race Results 13/11/11

85 riders turned up in perfect spring sunshine to to spin the legs at west head last Sunday. Unfortunately the club handicappers were a bit shocked at Alan Kelly turning up to race A grade that they missed the burglars, Fergus and Paul Evangelinedes slipping in quietly to C grade. Paul was last spotted having a go off the front of A grade at Lansdowne a week back with the Vets.

Due to the large numbers the grades were split with 2 B grades and 2 C grades, 1 A grade and 1 D grade.

There is a story (substantiated) that Roger Shackleton will run nude down the street if Alan turns up to race. Be warned those who live in Harbord.

A grade
1- Jake Kauffmann
2- Duncan Houston
3- Philip Nelson
4- James Davenport
5- Peter Gardner

B Grade (group 1)
1- Ben Blinkhorne
2- Tom Norris
3- Richard Pettigrew
4- Thomas Cocherton
5- Darren Byers.

B Grade (group 2)
1- Andrew Hemlich
2- Richard Broome
3- Jordan Reizes
4- Chris James
5- Daniel Scheiner

C Grade (group1)
1- Paul Evangelinides
2- Chris Miller
3- Gavin Peacock

C Grade (group 2)
1- Oliver Jarand
2- Fergus Bermingham
3- Chris Fowler

D Grade
1- Paul Klemes
2- Carl Frallenstein
3- Peter McNamara
4- Anton Van Der Vegt
Martinette Van Vuuren

Thanks to all marshals and helpers who keep our racing going.


  1. Paule

    Just Returning the favour! Guys U been coming in under the radar to long @
    Waratah’s & it has Been Noted! P.S My National Classification in an Open race is C Grade!

  2. dennis nel

    and im going to have a winge evangelides had a 3 min start we caught the first c graders before they even reached the wall this was not a handicap race so why were places given

  3. Paule

    Good Point Dennis!

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