West Head Road Race Report

A clear cold morning saw 48 riders sneak out for a bit of fun before mothers day duties prevailed. This time around we saw a large C grade (23), a solid B grade (13), an increasing D (9) grade and a depleted A grade (3).

A view from C Grade – Jim Buda

Perhaps it was the first cold weekend but no one was driving hard for the first leg out. As per usual things started to warm up at the end of the first lap where the sequence of rolling hills and a few guys pushing the bunches saw the first round of dropped riders. Due to a reversal of the starting order C grade got mixed with B grade and by the time the dust settled we had one C grader out of sight up the road. The last leg of the return saw an increasing tempo and Fergus jumped from the C grade bunch at the bottom of the long last drag. A bold move that saw him out by the last hill. The new turn makes the last sprint tough on both body and mind and it takes a while to get the timing right. In the end Ed Geralton prevailed on the remnants of the C grade push with several kicks to the line to get him across.

Overall Results

A Grade Results:
1. Ryan O’Neil MWCC
2. Philip Nelson NSCC
3. Andrew Donohoe RBCC

B Grade Results:
1.Jeremy Hopson MWCC
2. Miha Remec MWCC
3. Gary Holland Peleton

C Grade results:
1. Ed Gralton MWCC
2. Ali Edwards Bicisport
3. Edward Darmawan Clarence St

D grade: All Manly!!
1 Carmello Gallo (our newest member!)
2 Michael Hornby
3 Mark Thomas

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  1. Gabriel Denoury

    Thanks to all for organising the race and taking photos.
    I paid the price on that cold morning for not having ordered a club vest and knee warmers…

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