Sunday Morning in Manly was wet with heavy rain and thunder. A quick look at the radar showed an ugly band of green along the northern beaches. It is never good to hesitate so the club race set up was hauled out with the fall back being the Waratah race at Lansdowne. Once up in Belrose the roads were dry and so it remained for the rest of the morning.

The big roll out from Peleton and the soft turnout from Manly showed how the morning rain affected the race. With total numbers around 45 we had good sized groups in all grades except A grade. A couple of guys even made it down from the central coast. A positive of the rain was that the road was effectively clear of traffic with only one car spotted during the race.

Aside from an early split in A grade the remaining grades stayed pretty much together with the occasional pressure being applied on some key hills. C grade missed the solid charge usually provided by Fergus on the home leg but Billy Sykes made the decisive move on the hill after the turn around to well and truly split the bunch with Dave Rubin close but never quite bridging the gap.

Alexis showed true multi skilling with a professional running of the race followed up with the post race “souq” of kit remnants. The central coast guys raved about the race circuit and the Peleton group rolled out en mass with a fair chunk of the spoils.

Thanks to all marshals who helped out and to Antoni who scrutinised the track pre race.

A Grade. 2 laps time 1.12.30. Av. 36kmh
1- Garry Milburn
2- Alex Gardner
3- Ross Chaffer

B Grade. 2 laps time 1.16. Av. 34.9kmh
1- Emillio Pannaci
2- Jordan Riezes
3- Julian Hansen

C grade. 2 laps. Time 1.20.25. Av. 33kmh.
1- Billy Sykes
2- David Ruben
3- Jim Buda

D Grade. 1 lap. Time 42mins. Av 31.9kmh.
1- Charlie Leighton
2- Paul Kelmes
3- Liz Tenny