It seems every month the crowds in the Elvina Walking Track carpark are growing in number, perhaps some riders can only do so many laps of Heffron before going crazy. Not only is the course super smooth, it has real hills and doesn’t involve 15 laps; this has resulted in what is locally known as a UCI approved course – after all the pros have ridden and raced it. This month saw all of Sydney’s big hitting A Graders out on course and it is probably one of the few racers that eastern suburbs local Liam Kelly isn’t guaranteed a sprint finish victory.

The A Grade field of 40 riders contained every Sydney Club and the usual NRS riders and local teams KMD Cycling and Turbo Studio – however with such a field and a number of clubs and teams employing their domestiques on the 50km course, no break aways were able to be established. Plenty tried and plenty failed. In the end the 2 laps came down to a sprint finish, with local strong man Jake Kauffman (Drapac) over powering Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson) which is probably expected with Jake probably doing arm curls with a barbell the weight of Caleb. In third place and in a position justifying the handicappers recent tap on the shoulder – Jordan Reizes showed that age shall not weary as he proved that all that training is paying off and also thanked the work of his team mates from KMD.

Huge numbers in B Grade saw a number of riders hiding or begging not to be pushed up to A, a few dollars changed hand in the form of a $10 entry and they slipped into B. To be honest not sure what really happened in the B Grade races, sure I was sitting in one of the bunches but I ended up stopping by the side of the road after a Peloton Sports rider Michael Collings had a touch of wheels after an unexpected slowing and hit the deck, he was fine but his week old frame had a nice crack right through the top tube and as a result his wallet had a big hole burnt right through it. So no idea what happened in the end of the races – B2 Fraser Cameron went solo after ‘oh f*ck’ hill and he managed to hold off the bunch in an effort of super-human or perhaps A Grade strength assisted by the group slowing after Collings met the bitumen. Declan Baker and the fluoro kit of the rider from Woolies Wheels – Will? Rounded out the podium, some probably thought the kit from Wooly’s Wheels was actually a marshall wearing a safety vest who was out roving on course and so they didn’t overtake him – all three were smiling in the race photos because all 3 will now be signing on in A Grade. The other B race saw Randwick Botany Rider Shariff Shockair squeeze himself in between the two riders from SUVelo Richard Younger and Jarrod Scott – I am a nice guy and so all three can race B again next month.

C Grade riders pretty much stayed together in their large groups until riders were burned off at the last little berg – certainly is a nasty little finish to ensure that your body is filled with lactic acid. I found some numbers scribbled on the back of a sign on sheet, that are either someones bank account details or the numbers from the riders who won. In a piece of Da Vinci Code type code breaking I have managed to guestimate that Greg Reynolds took home a big pay cheques, followed by Cameron Hilkman and Evan Snow in C1 and C2 saw Peter Evans (is that the chef/host from My Kitchen Rules?) just out from the kitchen and onto the top of the podium in front of Peidin Telfa or at least that is what the scribble looks like on the sign on sheet when people write their own names and Niall Durney.

D Grade had one rider who was too strong for the rest of the group and this was evident after about 5 kilometres of riding, Paul Klemes should be riding in C Grade and he will next race. Paul managed to pretty much ride clear of the bunch for most of the race and he crossed the line in pretty convincing fashion. Behind him was ageless warrior Malcolm Logan who showed off a big grin when collecting his prize cheque – obviously his super funds have taken a hit judging by his delight at collecting some winnings and in third Holt Hardy. Holt was racing in his first bike race, so he must think that it is a pretty good gig – probably the first time he has been on a podium receiving a prize since the Year 9 swimming carnival – so excited was Holt that he didn’t hang around for the presentation instead rushing home to show his wife and probably his parents too.

If I got your name wrong and you placed on the day, don’t email the website, just correct it in the comments. The next club race is 8 April – Easter Sunday. So give your self a reason to eat a lot of chocolate and come out for another day of racing. Also keep checking the website because we will soon be announcing the dates for the winter series of our HED Cyclo Cross series. Thanks to all our marshals on the day and also to club sponsor Fixed Wheel for having their mobile mechanics van on site for some last minute tune ups.