Weekend Wrap Up

A HUGE weekend of racing. The Tour of Bright, the inaugural Cyclocross race and North Head crit. MWCC was in a tweeting frenzy trying to keep up with the unfolding events.

We held our inaugural Cyclo Cross race on Saturday at Terrey Hills, the first of four rounds for December and January. The course takes in an old crit track, some local bush land, a BMX course and an equestrian centre! The club ran two races, one for non cyclo cross bikes or who were a little timid and once those riders were covered in sweat and mud but with massive smiles on their faces – the club sent the ‘Prestige’ category off on course. The ‘Prestige” category was for riders with cyclocross bikes and they certainly showed their experience and skills as they jumped the barriers, went through the mud pit and traversed the general course. Plenty of spectators who came along to experience this ‘cyclo cross’ phenomenon were quickly discussing how to get their hands on yet another bike in their collection – City Bike Depot had their Merida Cyclo Cross bike with disc brakes on display which certainly sent a few tongues wagging and there will be more starters at the next round on the 17th December after the first round success.


Place Name Race Number Time
1 Nick Both (Redshift Racing) 31 0:46:37
2 Warren Burgess (Manly Warringah) 35 0:49:43
3 Gary Harwood 9 0:52:33
4 John Miller 26 – 1 lap
5 Carl Fokkema 5 – 1 lap
6 Duncan Markham (Manly Warringah) 27 – 1 lap
7 David Watkison 16 – 1 lap
8 Hugh Flower (City Bike Depot) 12 – 1 lap
9 Arran Pearson 34 – 1 lap
10 Luke Haworth-Booth 3 – 2 laps
11 Didier Suzor (Manly Warringah) 18 – 3 laps
Richard Knowles (Northern Suburbs CC) 23 DNF
Michael Dodd – SS 32 DNF
Ray Giddins (Sutherlan Shire CC) 22 DNF

OPEN – 6 Laps
Place Name Race Number Time
1 Henry Baird 24 0:35:32
2 Fabian Gurrero (WSMTB) 2 0:35:40
3 Brent Dawson (Dubbo CC) 3 0:36:54
4 Nick Wood (RBCC) 35 0:38:24
5 Mike Wood 31 0:38:32
6 Greg Reinhardt (Peloton Sports) 18 0:40:07
7 Colin Cook (TORC) 34 0:41:10
8 Zoe King (Manly Warringah MTB) 11 0:41:31

SPORT – 6 Laps
Place Name Race Number Time
1 Tim Neal 25 0:37:37
Alissan Serra (City Bike Depot) DNF

Thanks to Richard Tyler for this video

North Head Criterium
The onset of winter held of just long enough for the last piccolo latte to be downed post race at Bacino. Prior to that the last North Head race of the year was in ideal conditions, no post TDF time trial sleep deprivation or lashing storms. All grades were well represented except for some A graders MIA. The exploits of Bright will no doubt resonate.
Next weekend West Head looms with Cyclocross / MTB on the 17th. The fun is unending.

More Photos


A Grade
1- Brent Dawson (backing up from the Saturday ‘cross race)
2- Peter Cummins
3- Tremain Permewa

B Grade
1- Dean Gale
2- John Thomson
3- Richard Broome

C Grade
1- Michael Ong
2- Michae Chidley
3- Jim Hacquoil

D Grade
1- Greg Gillespie
2- Anton Van Der Vegt
3- Paul Klemes

The Tour of Bright

The full race report will be published in the coming days…. Some notable results from the weekend.

– Norbert Gerold – 1st Stage 1, 1st Stage 2 TT, 2nd Stage 3 RR – 2nd GC Masters 6+
– Alex Gardner – 1st Stage 3 RR, 8th GC Masters 1/2/3
– Miha Remec – 10th GC Masters 1/2/3

General consensus is that Colin Carrigan is MWCC’s Jens Voigt and possibly the hardest man alive… Here is how the events unfolded on the Saturday and Sunday for Col:

He crashed on the Tawonga Gap descent at probably 50-60kmh/r bent his front wheel and snapped the derailleur from his bike. Got a lift to the hospital, told the nurse he was going to get something from his car and did the runner…. Col then went and bought himself a helmet from the local bike shop (the other one was snapped in 6 places from when he headbutted the cliff – yes the cliff moved!). 2 hours later backed up for the Time Trial on Jordan Reizes road bike – YES with Jordans shoes on, they were 4 sizes too small. He stepped off the bike and went on a mission to find a bike for Sunday Col found a 1990’s steel Trek track bike that some guy used for his warm up before the TT… it had a seat that wobbled and wheels that had almost seized. Sunday came… He smacked it up hotham.

Col you have made history with this effort…. as well as bring a lot of laughs along the way! What a legend.

More to come…. What a fabulous weekend of racing.

A race report from Bright by Shane Miller http://gplama.blogspot.com/2011/12/2011-tour-of-bright-mmas123.html

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  1. Jordan

    Now on the odd occasion I have had Col’s rear wheel go skimming past my helmet – but when I saw him just after I finished the TT and he showed me his broken rear hanger and told me he was starting in 7 minutes. I didn’t hesitate I passed my bike over, shoes to small, seat 3 cm too high, no number, and my transponder (Col ripped that off with a flick of the wrist).

    Col managed to sweet talk one of the officials and he was off. I then had just over 25 minutes to start praying that I got my bike back in one piece…

    Col did tell me that all through the TT he was telling himself concentrate, be careful, he probably would have killed the TT if he was actually focused on the race.

    Needless to say I got my bike back in one piece – and Col great job on Hotham on Sunday – legend!

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