The start lists are now up for this Sundays West Head love fest. Sold out fields in all grades, means that we will not be accepting entries on the day. Which perfect couple will cross the line in first place? Sign on from 7am at the Elvina Car Park.

All riders are reminded that as per your online entry, all riders are to be in registered club or team kits. If you are in a team kit, you are expected to be in A Grade. If your kit is not registered, then you should be riding in a plain black or white jersey. Our race, our rules. Wondering if your coffee club is registered? Here is the link to Cycling NSW and the current registered jerseys –

Safe and fast racing to all.

A Elite Start List – 7:25am START

Alexander Abell SUVelo
Scott Austin MWCC
Ian Blatchford Harlequin
Michael Brown SUVelo
simon coughlan MWCC
Jesse Coyle SUVelo
Marcus Culey NSCC
Matthew Dinham NSCC
Aaron Dunford MCC
Andrew Finlayson NWSCC
alex gardner harlequin
Brent Goddard Harlequin
Phillip Gray MWCC
Brad Hamblett Bici
jeremy hopson bicisport
Cameron Judson SuVelo
jake kauffmann MWCC
Jon Leighton Harlequin
Anthony Lowes Bicisport
will mclaren MWCC
Christopher Miller SUVelo
David Munro Bicisport
Toby Orchard Southern Highlands
John Peppard Easts
andrew pickering MWCC
Robert Redpath Suvelo
Tim Rizvanov St. George
Matthew Rozyn Harlequin
Daniel Scheiner MWCC
Christopher Taylor MWCC
Miro Vadovicky MWCC
Andrew Wagner SUVelo
Matthew Warner-Smith Hunter
Paul Williams St George

A Grade Club WD-40 Division START 7:27am

Randolph Baral RBCC
Richard Bjorkmann
Alan Bransdon SCC
Colin Carrigan MWCC
Lynne Clarke MWCC
Ian Cocks Bici Sport
Brett Cocks MWCC
Michael Collings Peloton
Grahame de Carvalho SU Velo
Mitch Dixon MWCC
Glen Elton CCCC
Ben Elvy Harlequins
Shaun Falzarano MWCC
Tim Frankcombe ADFCC
Dean Gale Bicisport
Enrico Gaoni MWCC
David Grech SUVelo
Stuart M Grieve NSCC
David Haynes MWCC
Jonathan Herb MWCC
Dave Jackson RBCC
Geoff Johnson
Ben Johnston MWCC
Jerry Kalogeropoulos NSCC
Neil Kerr SCC
John Kippen MWCC

A Grade Club Hed Wheels START 7:32am

Rowan Lean SUVelo
Simon Lempriere Bicisport
Andrew Logan NSCC
Christian Miller NWSCC
Harrison Morgan NSCC
Hamish Murchison Harlequin
Zak Naumcevski SSCC
Mark O’Connor MWCC
Tim O’Halloran MWCC
Michael Ong NSCC
Gavin Peacock MWCC
Giovanni Pilu Bici sport
Jamie Romanin NSCC
David Ruston MWCC
Chris Schofield Sydney CC
Justin Slade LACC
Evan Snow MWCC
Andrew Stevenson NSCC
Enrico Strapazzon Sydney CC
Conor Tarlington Bici Sport
Andre Thorneloe MWCC
Brian Tracey MWCC
Brendan Tree RBCC
Ran Virdi NSCC
Daniel Wright Harlequin

B Grade Altitude START 7:35am

Michael Anderson ECSS
Nic Buchanan MWCC
Sean Carroll MWCC
Clive Cooper MWCC
Richard Costello MWCC
Michael Courtney Sydney CC
Hugo Douglas NSCC
Jesse Downer Harlequin
Alexander Fletcher Harlequin
William Fraser LACC
Jason Friedland MWCC
alessandro garofalo scc
Tony Harlick Peloton
Beau Heath Sydney CC
Tony Holland MWCC
Paul Jackson NSCC
Mark Lacey DHBC
Steve Lupton Mwcc
Sean McGinty LACC
Peter Mcswiggan DHBC
Richard Measures MWCC
Michael Meryment Parramatta CC
Mark O Donnell Sydney CC
John Pham Bankstown
Jason Pitkeathly Harlequin
Phillip Rigby SydneyCC
rowan sams MWCC
Emlyn Simpson SUVelo
Klayten Smith RBCC
Hendrik van Calcar RBCC
David Warneford Harlequin

B Grade Smartline START 7:40am

Thomas Carroll LACC
Harry Charlesworth RBCC
Andrew Cooper MWCC
Luke Cruickshank RBCC
Gary Davidson NSCC
Alex Dircks DHBC
Andrew Duggan SUVelo
Adam Hartard MWCC
Andrew Hellmich CCCC
Phillip Hey CCCC
Tim Hiley NSCC
Tony Holland MWCC
Stephen Knight NSCC
David Lloyd SUVelo
Josephine Meldgaard SCC
Nic Millett MWCC
Sara Mills NWSCC
Tim Mornane MWCC
Rhys Nicolson Sydney CC
Luke O’Brien MWCC
David O’Connell NSCC
james orton DHBC
Paul Picone-Murray RBCC
Peter Robertson Harlequin
Ella Scanlan-Bloor SUVelo
Edward Shilland MWCC
Andrew Thomson MWCC
James van Gelder LACC
Amy Vesty DHBC
Tim Walkington GIANT
Archie Wilson NSCC

C Grade Allpress Coffee 7:42am

Anthony Ainsworth SXCC
Tim Aldham Sydney CC
Albert Alonso LACC
nicholas Bailly MWCC
Shane Bannister Sydney CC
Geraldine Blomfield Brown Waratahs
Tom Clayton NSCC
Andrew Crawford MWCC
Steve Dawkins Sydney CC
eric dole MWCC
Mike Ellott MWCC
Chris Fowler Waratahs
Stewart Graham MWCC
Chris Hodgkinson MWCC
Greg James Waratahs
Harrison Jones MWCC
Daniel Kennedy Sydney cc
David Meacham Bicisport
paul mower NSCC
Matthew Robinson MWCC
Richard Searle NSCC
Stephen Short Caravello
Stephen Short Caravello
Rebecca Snell Harlequin
Lachlan Soper MWCC
Michael Stephens NSCC
Jason Thomas
Mark Thomas MWCC
Alexander Thorpe Brat
Simon Welfare mwcc
Joy Wright MWCC
Faye Younger SXCC

C Grade Energise Gyms 7:45am

Peter Ainge Not Affiliated
Lucy Allman Sydney CC
Mick Baber MWCC
Alex Bentley SCC
Robert Brodie Sydney CC
Louise Brown MWCC
Amanda Cleife N/A
Tim Cook SCC
Phil Donnelly MWCC
Paul Du-Crest Waratahs
Emma Fitzgibbon Sydney CC
David hampton marconi
nicola handley NSW Cycling
Lincoln Hey CCCC
Joan Kuhrmann MWCC
David Lavery MWCC
Klaudia Locker Sydney CC
Marissa Madden SUVelo
Edgar Petrone NWSCC
Laura Rigby SCC
graham sheppard MWCC
Antonio Simonelli Sydney CC
James Tan Waratahs
Garry Williams NWSCC