It will be a busy weekend on the bike with our fortnightly Friday crits commencing this Friday. Located at HART Driver Training Centre, St Ives this circuit is completely car free with grades A-C racing.

Consider it Stage 1 of your two stage MWCC tour this weekend. Your chance to earn a big payday for the weekend. Criterium racing is a great entry into the world of cycle racing.


What is criterium racing? Crit racing as it is commonly referred as, is a form of racing that takes place on a multi loop course generally under 2 kilometres in length. Each race is generally either a set length of time i.e 30 minutes or laps ie 14 laps. Many of these races may include a ‘prime’ which may be sprint prize for first over the line on a particular lap. Like all racing there are plenty of tactics at play as riders work to their particular strengths – with many riders attempting to make the field as small as possible by the end, to increase their chances of victory.

Crit racing is a great introduction to racing because you are never far from the start/finish point if you happen to find the pace a little too tough going, so many riders end up having a good view of the sprint finish. Just make sure you have had a good warm up, because the races are generally short in duration, many riders hit the gas from the first lap. Why not come along and spectate if you are not sure that you want to pin on a number?


Make sure you have your 2014 Gold Licence or a copy of your receipt because no gold licence means no racing.

Riders can sign on from 5:45pm for a 6:20 start. Entry is $15 and riders must have a GOLD 2014 licence in order to race. There are no day licences available. If you wish to upgrade your membership, head over to the Cycling Australia website to upgrade your licence.

Race location is HART Driver Training Centre, Mona Vale Road, St Ives

Grades A-C with all clubs and riders welcome.

Nervous about entering or not sure about the finer details of entering a race?

I know a number of you would like to pin on a number and give racing a go, but the logistics of what actually happens at the race and what to do, makes you a little too nervous and so you decide to stay by the sidelines. On our website we have put up a simple guide on how to get there, hand over your money and pin on a number. Hopefully this guide will remove some of the mystery and get you to the start line on Friday. Read the guide here.


Like these photos? Why not check out Joshua Nicholsons excellent blog for more photos from our Friday night races –