The Tour of Geelong – Stage 3

The Grovedal Criterium by Andy Crawley NRS team rider for

We haven’t quite managed to join all the dots yet this tour and land a rider on the podium. It’s been wet, a couple of sick riders, crashes…. We’ve got 3 days and three stages to change that, get a little time on the podium and everyone is pretty keen to rip into it.

However there is some good news, today I got a new high score, 1399 watts. BAM! The funny thing about high scores is they never appear where you expect them to in the race. I finish the stage and have a quick look at the summary, if you see a big number or high average I’ll try and think about the point of the race I might have got it. Maybe it was trying to bridge to the break on lap X, maybe it was closing a gap on lap Y, I’m pretty much always wrong and it just appears at some random point of the race. Today’s high score was exactly that, a mystery effort on lap 12, clearly I was doing something right on lap 12 but I’m not sure exactly what it was. Must be all that PowerUp that Wes has been feeding us.

Other than me being awesome the crit today was rather non eventful. With only 63kms of racing for the day everyone was keen to get involved and it ended in the inevitable bunch sprint. A few small breaks formed but never got more than 5 seconds on the fast 2km course. Phil picked up a number of intermediate sprints but came up a little short in the finish coming home in 7th.

Tomorrow we’ve got the TT which will shake up the GC before the 140k stage around Anakie on Saturday.

Stage 3 Race data:

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  1. Gabriel

    Thanks for sharing the data, it’s good to see what it takes to compete at that level.

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