The Greatest Battle in the Galaxy

This Sunday Round 1 of the MWCC Club Championship series commences for our club riders as they do battle for the right to rule the galaxy or at least their club grade. Other clubs and riders are welcome to race, although where possible we will have separate grades.

To ensure we remain best friends with our good friends at the National Parks, we will be starting the A Grade race at 7:20am for the 3 laps. All other grades will roll out in 5 minute intervals from that start time and we should have all racing finished by 9am.

Be aware that racing will not be starting at the normal times – B Grade riders could be starting as early as 7:30am. So please adjust your travel times and alarm clocks accordingly.

We envisage that the start times will work something like this –

A Grade – 7:20am – Non Manly Riders
A Grade – 7:25am – Manly Riders
B Grade – 7:30am – Non Manly Riders
B Grade – 7:35am – Manly Riders
C Grade – 7:40am – Non Manly Riders
C Grade – 7:45am – Manly Riders
D Grade – 7:50am – Non Manly Riders
D Grade – 7:55am – Manly Riders

To ensure that we remain within all our approvals the field for this race is limited to 120 riders. We do expect the race to fill, so while we understand that there will be disappointed riders on the day – unfortunately it is not our race officials who can alter the numbers.

The course for this month will stay the same as previous months. Sign on will commence at 7am sharp. Unfortunately It will be a first in- best dressed scenario.

As always, sign in is at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark and the entry fee is $10. Day licences are available for $30 and you will be required to also pay the $10 race entry. Riders are to have a GOLD 2012 licence, otherwise they will be required to purchase a day licence. A silver licence surprisingly is not a gold licence and does not cover you for racing – if you have a silver licence – you have to purchase a one day licence. Audax licences require a one day licence. A drivers licence – requires a day licence.

Please do not park in the Elvina Walking Track Car Park or the slip way into the car park – this is for official vehicles only and we are limited in the number of cars allowed in the car park. If you park there – you will be asked to move your car. You have been warned.

Please ensure that you take all rubbish with you when you leave the park and remember to smile and wave at our friendly National Park Rangers. The road is there to share.

Ride Safe,

Club Secretary

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  1. Will

    Results in for a overcast day for Round 1 of the Club Championships. One or two riders got caught out by the earlier start and we apologise for those that missed the notice. We will try an give a bit more next time. I also think a few riders particulalry those from non manly clubs, decided to have a sleep in with the skies looking a little angry and the roads being a bit wet.

    For those that did turn up, the A Graders got to see the form man in NSW cycling at the moment – Central Coasts Mick Curran coast over the line in first place. It was a hard fought A Grade with a few breaks going for a little while however in the end it came down to a bunch sprint.

    A Grade
    1. Mick Curran
    2. Nick Yallouris
    3. Jake Kauffman

    First 5 Manly Riders:
    1. Jake Kauffman
    2. Ross Chaffer
    3. Cam Dinnie
    4. Jarrod Crosby
    5? Unclaimed

    B Grade, had two fields for Manly Riders and non Manly riders due to the Club Championship points round.

    B – All the rest
    1. Chris James
    2. Darren Byres
    3. Gerard Lia-Smith

    Manly B Grade
    1. Billy Sykes
    2. Chris Miller
    3. Henry Baird
    4. Gabrielle Denoury
    5. Trevor Smith

    C Grade – Rest of the World
    1. Bonnie Lee
    2. Stephen Short
    3. Rory Simingon

    C Grade Manly
    1. Greg Reynolds
    2. Jim Buda
    3. Jonathan Herb
    4. Michael Faretta
    5. Gavin Peacock

    D Grade – Combined
    1. Edward Shilland
    2. Duke Millington
    3. James Briggs

    First 5 Manly D Graders over the line
    1. Ed Shilland
    2.James Briggs
    3. Mitch Dixon
    4. Anton Van Der Gert
    5. Craig Wotherspoon

    U 18 point score
    1. Henry Baird
    2. Danny Scheiner

    Womens Point Score
    1. Cat Haines
    2. Lynne Clarke
    3. Rebecca Snell
    4. Michelle McAdam

    Round 2 of the MWCC Championships is on next weekend at the SUVelo Criterium at Heffron Park Maroubra on Sunday. Check out the SUVelo website for the times for each grade.

    The NEXT West Head Road Race is on the 8th July. This will be starting at Akuna Bay Marina and will be going straight up and out to West Head for the usual number of laps. Finish location will remain the same. Timing will be as per this month, with grades rolling out from 7:20am. So please note the new start location, this is as per the request from National Parks. PLease check back prior to the race day in case there are any other changes.

    If you want to give cyclo cross racing a go- our next Cyclocross race is on 23 June at the JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve at Terrey Hills (next to the equestrian centre). This course will be forming part of the National Series in September. Prior to the cyclo cross we also run a offroad crit – so essentially a crit races fro mountain bikes on an offroad course. The cyclo cross is separated into two divisions – one for those with cyclo cross bikes and a division for those on any other type of bike.

    If you need a cyclo cross bike – we recommend checking out the Focus bikes at our sponsor the Fixed Wheel, for an awesome bike at a great price.

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