The Cyclocross Series…. The decider was decided!

Photos courtesy of Gilbert Romane

Some great tight racing, although we had our first accident with a
broken collar bone (in the Open race).

Took out the mud hole, put in the BMX rollers and a steep step up on
the berm. The course came flying up along side the road then straight
up the bank over a triple set of barriers, U-turn back down the bank,
off camber grassy corner, then a hairpin and up the stairs (even the
guys on mtbs found they couldn’t ride it in that config)

Sport grade was full of the usual sand baggers. Sean Couley easily
won, from Jim Buda with Simon Nauvton coming in in 3rd.

Open was a cracker with 4 or 5 guys racing together for the first few
laps, then three before coming down to 2. Mike Sumner was leading out
of the final corner, but dropped his wheel of the tarmac allowing Mike
Israel to pounce. I think some of the boys are going to take Mike S
aside and give him some tips on how to lead out a sprint. Fabian
Guerrero came in 3rd.

For Prestige, the heavens opened up and the racing was electric
(literally). Due to the electrical storm the race was shortened
(spectators were getting shocks off umbrellas). Mike Blewitt was
leading early before a crash saw Scott Wines cruise in for the win,
with Carl Fokkema 3rd. Gaz was in and out of the pits with a slow
puncture so was unable to contest for the 2nd place in the series.

There’s a preview of Gil’s photos here, Not sure when he’ll get the rest up as
he was heading of camping for a couple of days.

Series finished up

1st Nick Both
2nd Carl Fokkema
3rd Gary Harwood
4th David Watkinson
5th Rob Parbery

1st Fabian Guerrero

1st Simon Nauvton



  1. Gilbert Romane

    Hey, Rod good stuff. Yes got back late last night from Blue Mtns camping. Will try to upload a gallery this evening. Pretty tough conditions in the rain and not as many photos as previous races but definitely some good ones.


  2. Gilbert Romane

    Hey guys, images are up on the website, check out the gallery of images,

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