The Alan Robinson Memorial Race Report

Alan Robinson must have been the most popular person on Facebook judging by the numbers that turned up for the memorial race day yesterday at West Head. A record field in nearly all grades had every club in Sydney represented throughout the grades and no doubt Alan would have had a big smile on his face as people were ready to sign on, well before sign on even opened. With so many turning up to the best and only regular road race in Sydney, MWCC expanded the grades and there was even talk of splitting D grade into two fields due to their large numbers. Some long time club members were left wondering whether they were in a scene in ‘Inception’ and wondering whether it was all a dream? Such was the turn out that even Ryan Terry came out of hibernation to take in the atmosphere but decided against pinning on a number.

By the time everyone had signed in, grabbed a number and heard some touching words by Norbert Gerold about our club mate Alan – we had a fairly full A Grade, 2 B Grades, 2 C Grades and a bulging D Grade not just at the waist line but peloton size as well. With the large fields, break aways were always going to find it tough going as there were plenty of legs to close down any threatening attacks. In A Grade – we had 3 National Road Series teams represented in GPM Wilson Racing, Plan B and Drapac Porsche along with local team KMD Racing which ensured that the standard of racing was going to be high – later they moaned that the racing was fairly pedestrian with ‘only’ an average of 40km/hr for the two laps – their helmets then popped off with their egos exploding. Combined with riders from Sydney, East Sydney, Randwick and of course Manly all riders there was going to be plenty of riders looking around and wondering who was going to make the first move. With so many potential options, the first lap was taken at a fairly steady pace, a few riders attempted some early fireworks but were brought back into the fold. In the end it was a bunch sprint of about 10 riders coming into the final straight, the crowd was on hand to see West Head sprint king Jake Kauffman be dethroned as he settled for third after he was over powered by Plan B rider Alex Malone who snuck in for second, however in first by a few bike lengths was Ross Chaffer of KMD, who cruised over the line after sprinting sitting down – his teammates were very happy that they were taking home the cookies in this race. The video of the finish is about to go viral.

Two full fields in B had the Bananas in Pyjamas excited – as B1 and B2 battled each of their races out. In B2 it wasn’t a banana but rather a flying carrot who took first across the line as Jake Millington of Central Coast took the honours just in front of recent club convert Bob Mohan who was making his debut for the club and Rob Maliki showed that he didn’t lose much after his overseas holiday and he will soon be back in A grade, along with Jake Millington earning himself the promotion to the majors. In the other grade we had another fast finish with Lachlan Edwards of NSCC? taking the glory. Dave Ruben of MWCC looked like he had second place wrapped up, only to be pipped on the line by UNSW rider Andrew Schotte who threw his bike over the line and was very happy when he was announced as second place, giving the officials the double fist pump on the line ruling.

C Grade was another full field and in one race it was the black armada of Curtis Miller, Gavin Maloney and Grahame de Carvalho, with another friend Peter Livanes taking 5th who controlled the field at the finish and they will now get to look forward to rubbing shoulders with the B grade riders next race. In the other C Grade race, Andrew Begley was crowned champion followed by Keith Gray in second and Simon Lempiere happy to be on the podium in third. Both races stayed together with riders having plenty of places to hide within the groups.

D Grade was a monster field of riders who were going to tear the one lap screamer apart. Most impressive was the fact that riders had seeded themselves accordingly and there were no burglars in D, with no rider being able to dismantle the field single handedly. Instead all of the riders stayed in the bunch until the final berg, where 5 riders managed to dislodge themselves from the rest of the field. As they headed towards the finish line Steve Newman of NSCC made the early charge to the line and it looked like he had gone to early as he started to fade with about 200 metres still to go and 3 riders just sitting on his wheel. However no rider was able to come round in a decisive manner and Steve was able to resurrect himself and hold off a large charge and take the glory of a D grade victory. In second place was Chris Broad and third Elliot Newman – I am guessing one of those surnames is incorrect – so apologies to that rider.

Even with such a large field, there were no incidents reported and safe riding by all. Such was the popularity of the race, I don’t think a club in Sydney wasn’t represented – MWCC, NSCC, Central Coast, Sydney, East Sydney, Randwick, Waratahs, Peloton Sports all had riders testing themselves. We had a number of riders signing up for the ever popular day licences who will now have no choice but to sign up as members after such great racing. Thanks to the marshals on the day Col Carrigan, Brad Ward, Richard Saunders and commissaire Antoni Mikac who gave up their racing and mornings. The race also had the support van from Fixed Wheel on hand which assisted with a few running repairs, Fixed Wheel also provides vouchers for the winners of each grade and also some water bottles, this was combined with the usual cash for each of the podium getters – with many riders now having to contact their accountants and get additional advice now they have gone semi pro. The next race is 11 March.

A Grade
1- Ross Chaffer
2- Alex Malone
3- Jake kauffmann

B Grade 1
1- Lachlan Edwards
2- Andrew Schotte
3- David Ruben

B Grade 2
1- Justin Millington
2- Bob Mohan
3- Rob Malicki

C Grade 1
1- Curtis Miller
2- Gavin Maloney
3- Grahame de Carvalho

C Grade 2
1-Andrew Begley
2- Simon Lempiere
3- Keith Gray

D Grade
1- Steve Newman
2- Chris Broad
3- Elliot Dawson


  1. Gabriel

    Thanks a lot to all who gave their time to make the race possible. Perfect weather and impressive number of riders. We even had some weird fog to set the mood early on. Great to see that the MWCC road race is getting more and more popular. We can understand why with the quality of the course and the increasing field sizes in all grades.

  2. Simon Lempriere

    Great race organisation – thank you. I think I came second in C2 BTW. Either that or in my exhaustion I blacked out and didn’t see who over took me and you over paid me prize money.

  3. ed

    Got any times and average speeds for each grade?

  4. Will

    A Grade was 40km/hr, unsure of others.

  5. jim

    C grade was 33.8kmh

  6. Steve NSCC

    Grade D was 34.4kmph. One lap only tho

  7. Trev

    B grade was 36.5km/h

  8. Scott Robinson

    Thanks to everyone who organised the day & naming it in honour of Dad.

    Dad always said, that results weren’t really what mattered most. What mattered most, he used to say, was “earning the respect of your peers & competitive adversaries alike. Finish your career holding the respect of those people & the results will have taken care of themselves, & you’ll be a far better person for it.”

    I’m pretty confident, that Dad would have been quietly: happy, proud, a little embarrassed & largely dismissive that he may have been deserving of having the day named in his honour.

    Thank you very much, on behalf of the Robinson family, to all of Dad’s 2 wheeling mates at the Manly club who helped make this happen.

  9. Will

    Chris Miller was the winner of C Grade Group 1 – not his alter ego Curtis.

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