Dean Gale has stood on top of the podium in the first outing of the new MWCC 2012 Kit at the SUVelo race series. Dean Gale with the help of his teammates from the club got the well earned victory that he came so close to winning last month. Lining up in B Grade with 6 other MWCC riders, the tactics were ready to be played out as the horoscope had predicted earlier in the week.

Once the call was made to roll out, Rob Maliki disregarded any forms of self preservation and immediately went on the solo attack only to find his 100 metre lead on the peloton after the first lap completely evaporate once he hit the home straight due to the head wind that was blowing straight into his face. That lead became zero metres in about 20 metres and so the only smart thing to do was send another Manly rider off the front in an attempt to weaken the bunch. This time club secretary Alexis Kaless launched himself off the front, actually hoping that someone else might be foolish enough to come with him. It wasn’t to be, so instead he just drilled himself, reminiscent of Fabian Cancellera as he stayed away for the next 4 laps the whole time waiting for someone to suicide off the front and join him. Eventually he realised the attack was futile and he went back to the bunch, this signalled for Rob Maliki to attack again.

The whole time this was happening Bob Mohan who was incognito in non club kit, Trevor Smith and Gabriel Denoury patrolled the front of the chasing bunch, doing a bit of work and making sure that the riders up the road had a chance of survival, Donald Ward was happy to police the back of the bunch. Once Rob came back to the fold, it was the MWCC riders controlling the tempo. About 3 quarters of the way through the race, it was decided that Trevor Smith would be the sprinter if it was all still together at the end, Trevor had been spared any attacks and hadn’t really felt any wind all day – which means Trevor got to do zero work and potentially get all the glory, while everyone else rode themselves into a dribbling mess.

With about 10 or so minutes remaining Dean Gale, Bob Mohan and a SUVelo rider again tried to break the bunch up and managed to get a small break on the bunch and Randwick Botany soon had a rider up the road. With most clubs now up the road, Manly were happy to set the pace, knowing that they actually had 2 riders in the break. Soon the SUVelo rider was back in the bunch because he couldn’t handle the pace and then Bob Mohan came back. With just two riders up the road, SUVelo and the other riders thought they could pull back Dean Gale and his companion. But with some Manly riders on the front who weren’t actually that interested in doing any work – Dean Gale was free to claim his victory.

According to Dean, he waited until half a lap to go before unleashing a violent acceleration that popped his remaining opponent off his wheel giving him a free ride to the finish line in which he could take in all the glory – from all accounts he was like a motorbike coming passed his RBCC companion. By the time he crossed the finish line Dean Gale was busy trying to calculate what model of Ferrari he should put a deposit on.

Dean Gale collected his prizemoney and showed off the new Manly kit in spectacular fashion by taking out Heffron san Remo, although according to the account he gave his wife he merely received a round of applause. With spirits high, the Manly riders rode back over to Hobbitville very happy with their result. Dean got to spend the afternoon making his family watch the Milan San Remo and commentating how he would have ridden the last few kilometres if he was racing – he went to bed last night reliving the race for the next 8 hours and waiting for that Monday morning phonecall from GreenEdge wanting to sign him.

In the earlier races, Manly may have had a rider on the podium in C Grade however they aren’t listed on the official results. Also good to see the new MWCC club member Lynn Clarke having a crack in the fast and furious women’s race.

How Pro does Gabriel Denoury look in this photo? Certainly setting the standard high – full club kit including appropriate club socks at the official height, MWCC gloves, white helmet, his sunglasses on the outside of his helmet straps, white handle bar tape and just to top off the Euro Pro look – he speaks with a French accent! The man has certainly read the required cycling rules in regards to appearance – nice work Gabriel and a great ambassador for the club with such attention to detail