Subaru Active Cyclocross this Saturday

The Subaru Active MWCC Cyclocross commences this Saturday. With the growing interest in the sport and increasing media coverage of overseas racing, MWCC provides the only Sydney Metro Cyclocross series – so come and be part of it!

Bored of just riding on the road and feeling like you are the cause of Sydney traffic chaos? Like riding off road but wouldn’t mind something a little quicker that isn’t just single track or fire trail? Then cyclocross will be the answer to your dreams.


With a mixture of tarmac, dirt, grass and mud – the cyclocross series should be able to cover all of your basis. Whether you are a European convert, hipster into the latest cycling trend or someone looking to spice up their riding then the course at JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills should be as testing as the length of its name.

Don’t have a cyclocross bike? That isn’t an excuse not to come and set a new max heart rate. We have a division for non cyclocross specific bikes, so bring your mountain bike, single speed or BMX and pin on a number.

Of course if you have a cyclocross bike – then now is the time to use it in the only regular series in Sydney. If you don’t have a cyclocross bike, but want to add one to your stable, then head into The Fixed Wheel – 212 Pittwater Road, Manly who are currently doing run out deals on Focus Cyclo cross bikes. These bikes are not only superb racing bikes, but also double as a great wet weather bike or the perfect commuter due to their knobbly tyres and superior brakes compared to a road bike.


There isn’t a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon after having suffered through kids sport on Saturday morning. Of course you can bring the kids along because we are also having two separate kids races that are suitable for all children, whether they be 3 years old on a balance bike or 12 years old on a mountain bike.

Now you may be use to riding on the road and may scoff at the short times allocated to each race, however how long can you hold your max heart rate for when you have the lactic acid pumping through your entire body? Cyclocross will give you a new definition of pushing yourself.

You will sprint, corner, slid through the mud, then run and jump over a barrier, get back on your bike, sprint, corner, jump off your bike, run up some stairs and then hop back on your bike and sprint off. This isn’t mindless hours of riding on the tarmac.

Come and be part of the growing sensation of ‘Subaru Active Cyclocross’. We will also have HED Cycling and WD40 products there on the day proving and assisting with any last minute tune ups.

August CX

Details are as follows:

$15 entry with a Gold CA or MTBA licence required. Day Licences can also be purchaed on the day if you don’t have a racing licence.

Racing is on whatever the weather conditions!

1.30pm Rego & Course Practice

2.00pm U7 Kids – 10 Minutes – Free Entry

2.15pm U12 Kids – 10 Minutes – Free Entry

2.30pm B Grade CX (CX Bike Only), Womens CX/Open (any bike), and Open Mens (non CX bike) – 30 minutes

3.00pm Course Practice

3.30pm A Grade CX – 45 Minutes

4.30pm Presentation

Series Dates:

Round 1 – 17 May JJ Melbourne Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills

Round 2 – 14 June JJ Melbourne Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills

Round 3 – 19 July JJ Melbourne Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills

Round 4 – 21 September – Manly Lagoon

In the month of August we will be hosting the National Series, which will also have entries available for all riders. 

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    Super excited about Saturday. Practicing my bunny hops as we speak!!

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