Round Two of the club champs got underway and once again it was amazing to see so many making the journey up to Calga and for most it was their first attempt at the time trial. The night before the riders had a chance to watch the Tour Prologue and there were certainly plenty of riders who were copying the warm techniques of the pros up at Calga. The race of truth, is also a race of pain and riders certainly had to push themselves over the distance – most came away surprised at just how difficult it can be to push yourself over what seems a short distance.

Plenty of riders came with a plan – some riders had begged and borrowed TT bikes, one rider chose a late timeslot – in the hope that he would go faster once it warmed up, plenty of riders had their windtrainers at the start line mentally preparing themselves for the road ahead. It was great to have so many riders getting into the spirit of the challenge. As Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan, until you punch them in the face”, that punch came about a kilometre into the tt for me.

There were certainly some surprising performances on the day – Billy Sykes managed a 1:08:53 on his standard road bike, which is nothing short of phenomenal on his first attempt at a TT which got him a fourth, edged out by Chris Miller by a mere second – Chris was certainly glad he borrowed a bike from his local shop. Dominic Zumbo must have had some super powered macaroons as he pushed out a 1:07:22 to come second in B Grade and finally JJ Hazelton, flatted shortly after rolling out of the start house, he swapped a wheel with a rider and still managed to clock the fastest time over the 25km course with a 39:47- nice work.

It was pleasing to report that no one crashed rolling out of the start gate, but a few riders certainly blew themselves up on the return trip when faced with Blood Hill only a few kilometres from the finish. It is known as Blood Hill because you can taste the blood in your mouth as you push yourself up the climb at a maximum effort.

Mike Foster and Jarrod Crosby can probably share honours over the 43km distance, there certainly didn’t seem to be much of a distance between the two riders whenever they were spotted on course, officially Fozzy pushed a Cancellera like effort with a 1:03:54 however this time was no match for Jake Kauffman who was on the scene later in the day during the State TT championships with Jake riding a 58:41 which is an average of 44km an hour over the course, Jake beat last years winning time and a solid PB but unfortunately he placed second in the title to Brodie Talbot. Check Jakes bike for a motor!

A number of riders benefitted from place getters from round 1, not making the trip up and there has been some movement in the leaderboard.

A Grade
Jake Kauffman
Mike Foster
Jarrod Crosby

B Grade
Norbert Gerold
Dominic Zumbo
Chris Miller
Billy Sykes
Ed Gralton

C Grade
JJ Hazelton
Jonathan Herb
Chris Taylor
Rogerio Assis
Greg Reynolds

D Grade
James Briggs
Craig Bryant
Ed Shilland
Mitch Dixon
Chris Hedley

Cat Haines
Lynne Clarke

All times for the day as supplied by ATTA
Jonathon Hazelton 0:39:47
Jonathon Herb 0:40:30
Chris Taylor 0:40:49
James Briggs 0:40:55
Craig Bryan 0:42:30
Rogerio Assis 0:42:51
Edward Shilland 0:43:10
Greg Reynolds 0:43:34
Donald Ward 0:43:46
Mitchell Dixon 0:43:47
Cat Haines 0:44:03
Chris Hadley 0:45:36
Mark Thomas 0:46:15
Phill Cutts 0:47:01
Lynne Clarke 0:47:34

43km Course
Jake Kauffman 58:41
Mike Foster 1:03:54
Jarrod Crosby 1:04:27
Norbert Gerold 1:06:49
Dominic Zumbo 1:07:22
Chris Miller 1:08:52
Billy Sykes 1:08:53
Edmund Gralton 1:10:11
Alexis Kaless 1:10:29
Steffan North 1:11:00
Ben Boyd 1:11:57
Trevor Smith 1:14:39
Graham de Carvalho 1:16:45
Gabriel Denoury 1:17:27
Peter Baird 1:18:13
Alan Kelly DNF
Henry Baird DNF