Road Race April 14 $15 Entry

The week before the Blayney to Bathurst Cyclo Sportif, this road course will be a great chance to test your legs. This month is also Round 3 of the Sydney Womens Race Series.

The rolling hills of West Head, combined with the Akuna Bay climb make this a great warm up for the following weeks Blayney to Bathurst. This race attracts riders from across Sydney and the Central Coast, the standard varies from National Series riders down to first time racers. With grades A-D and even further sub classifications with those grades there is a grade for all standards of riders. 

All riders must show a current 2013 Gold Racing Licence unless purchasing a day licence (additional $30) and an approved Australian Standards Helmet at the sign on.

All grades with the exception of D Grade and Womens B Grade will be doing two laps of West Head.

For grades B and C when signing on – riders will be given the option of riding either Prestige or Hubbard. Riding Prestige means that you will be racing from the roll out at Akuna Bay. Riding Hubbard division ,will mean that you will be riding a neutralised/ steady pace up to the turn off to West Head and once entering the park, it will be race on. The Hubbard division will have the pace set by 2 Manly Warringah riders and the idea is that everyone in that group will at least make it to the turn off before having to survive until the end. Prize money will be reflected in the different style of race. Please note that the pace will still be relatively steady to ensure that sufficient time gaps remain between the groups.

The female riders will be split between A and B Grades, with A Grade undertaking 2 laps and one lap for B Grade. This will form part of the Sydney Womens Race Series.

Please ensure that you sign on to the correct sign on sheet.

As usual our road race will be signing on from 7am for all grades down at the Akuna Bay Marina. There is plenty of parking available in the car park and there should be a coffee cart and toilets available. Our race can send your heart rate rocketing from the roll out, so we do encourage riders to be warmed up and recommend that you consider parking around Terrey Hills and riding into the park, to ensure that you have had a good warm up prior to race start. Please be cautious on the descent down into the Park.

We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks.

Grades will commence racing from 7:30am down at the Akuna Bay Marina. Typically the race times are as follows – A Grade roll out at 7:30am, B Grade 7:35, C Grade 7:45 and D Grade 7:50. The finish line will be at its usual place at Elvina Walking Track Carpark, West Head.

Entry fee is $15 if you have a GOLD 2013 licence.

Essential Details:

$15 Entry – with a Gold 2013 licence

One day licences are available for an extra $30 if you don’t have a GOLD 2013 racing licence

Race Date: 14 April 2013

Sign on from 7am and Race Start 7:30am – D’Albora Marina, Akuna Bay

Grades A-D – All clubs and riders welcome.

Please note that our races are raced on open roads. This means that riders must not cross over the centre line during the race. This can lead to disqualification. Please consider your behaviour and actions when both riding to and from the race and also during the race. Your actions impact on all users of the Park and also our ability to gain approval for our races.

Previous Month Climb Times up Akuna

A Grade: 6min 36 sec
B Prestige: 7 min 8 secs
B Hubbard: 8min 28 sec
C Prestige: 7min 50 sec
C Hubbard: 10min 20 sec
D Grade: 9min 42 sec

Average Speed for the Various Grades – excluding the initial climb

A 38+km/hr

B1 36-37km/hr

B2 35-36 Feb

C1 34-35km/hr

C2 33 -34km/hr

D 32km/hr


  1. Clipboard

    Sell out field for todays MWCC road race. Apologies for to the riders that missed out, unfortunately we weren’t expecting such a massive turn out – the biggest field we have ever had for an Akuna West Head roll out. Already looking at ways to improve the situation for coming months. Unfortunately we are limited by our race sanctioning from the National Parks and therefore the house full sign had to go up. This meant a few riders missed out, but it ensures we can all race in coming months – on the only road course in metro sydney.

    Brief results
    A super strong A Grade field.
    1. Alex Gardner MWCC
    2. Simon Coughlan
    3. Adam Socha

    A Grade Womens
    Cat Haines and Amber Jenkins had a strangehold on the field and with their teammates willing to control the group, won in a canter. Cat Haines took the sprint
    1. Cat Haines MWCC
    2. Amber Jenkins SUVelo
    3. Lynne Clarke MWCC

    B Prestige
    Roland Lang Masters legend even turned up for a roll around, but Michael Bolt was able to avenge his defeat from Tuesday Night Summer Series.
    1. Michael Bolt
    2. Roland Lang
    3. Tim Frankcombe

    B Grade Womens
    A super turn out and for many women their first road race as opposed to just crits.
    1. Martinette Van Vuuren
    2. Monique Steger
    3. Veronica Fardell

    B Hubbard
    These guys rolled around at a speed that ensured the C Prestige who started a few minutes back were able to catch them and then tangle themselves up. With the etiquette of letting the faster group pass, ignored by half the peloton.
    1. Gary Wilson
    2.Peter Robertson
    3. Robbie Scheiner

    C Prestige
    Rolled along at a strong tempo in a good sized field
    1. Ben Craig
    2. ??
    3. Steven Mushlin

    C Hubbard
    1. Ed Shilland
    2. Paul Evangilides
    3. Darren Moore

    D Grade
    1. Kenn Hedges
    2. Roy Ditsmarch
    3. Laura Jones

    Full report and photos to go up sometime tomorrow.

  2. Clipboard

    Also collected a camo back pack.

    Red Armers, Black Arm Warmers

    A Central Coast Radiology Wind Vest.

    I ate the energy bar.- tasty.

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