NSW Team Time Trials

The NSW team time trials are being run this year on 19th June. This event gives you the excuse to spend several thousand dollars on new gear with clear conscience and also find some extra time for TT specific workouts. So bolt on the aeros and get focused. The tales of heroism and valor will live on plus of course the painful jibes if you get dropped on the first hill.

Categories are;
JM17 Team Time Trial -22.1km
MMAS (150+ years) Team Time Trial – 44.2km
MMAS (All Ages) Team Time Trial – 44.2km
Elite Women and Masters Women Team Time Trial – 44.2km
JM19 Team Time Trial – 44.2km
Elite Men Team Time Trial – 88.4km

The manly club would like as many members as possible to enter. Please post interest in the comments to work up a team.


  1. Robert Moorman

    Hi guys,

    I’d love to assemble a team for the MMAS TTT.

    I’m a reasonably fast time trialist, being an old fart I’m doing 35.30ish on Calga’s 25k at the moment.

    Some of you guys may have met me at the Tour Of Bright this year; I’m the tall dutch bloke that apparently looks like Gert Jan Theunissen (don’t ask).

    Any other MMAS Time Trialists out there who are up for it? Please tell me I didn’t buy that Manly skin suit for nothing..

  2. Paul Mandl

    That’s fast….. I am interested too.

  3. Robert Moorman

    Hi Paul,

    Great stuff, can you email me (info at the screens dot com dot au) ? I’m Masters 3 (40-45), not sure how the grading works in TTTs.

  4. Mike Bolt

    Hi Everyone,

    Keen for a hit out, let me know what I need to do to get involved.

    Mike Bolt

  5. Robert Moorman

    Paul, Mike, anyone else interested? Maybe do a training session in the next weeks?

  6. Clive Cooper

    I’m keen this year

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