The first crit race of the year at HART will be on Friday 6th of January. With many riders still in holiday mode and with plenty of kilometres in their legs from the festive period, expect some fast racing on the night. ALL riders will be required to show their 2017 Racing licences or proof of payment. We have included the race report from our Superer Crit.

If you need to renew your licence or require a racing licence for 2017 then please ensure that you do this prior to turning up on the night via the Cycling Australia website. No Day licences available. You must select the RACE licence in order to participate.

We also have the post race report from the Superer Crit provided by Richard Measures. Which we have listed below.

A Grade

Matt Dinham made a break on lap one with Pete Livingstone from Mobius on his wheel and a “whatever” look on his face. Matt and Pete worked together to hold off the splintered bunch. Mobius riders Tristan Cardew and Ben Dyball didn’t seem sure whether they should chase or not so left most of the work to Marcus Culey from NSCC.

Matt and Pete sat up after the Prime but only Ben and Marcus made it across to form a new lead bunch of 4 who caught and lapped the 5 remaining riders just before the finish. Congratulations to Brent Goddard, Phil Lucas, Tim Curry, Will McLaren and Philip Taafe for holding out to the biter end.

1st & Prime Pete Livingstone, DHBC
2nd Marcus Culey, NSCC
3rd Matt Dinham, NSCC

B Grade

First away was Angus Wilson from LACC but going off the front for the first 15 minutes of a crit is not always the smartest move. The strongest rider in the bunch looked to be Cameron Good in his first ever crit although I’m told he is a pro triathlete. Cameron easily took the Prime but didn’t look like he wanted to get involved in the hectic finish where CCCC scored a clean sweep with Justin Millington made it two wins from the last two races. Son beat Dad for second.

1st & Prime Justin Millington, CCCC
2nd Lincoln Hey, CCCC
3rd Phil Hey, CCCC
Prime Cameron Good, MWCC

C Grade
Stayed together for a watchful race. Matt Robinson took the Prime then went straight to the back of the bunch as he attempted to recover. We had two guest riders from Melbourne, dad was dropped but son got up for second.

1st Stu Beatie, MWCC
2nd Max Liener, Carnegie Caulfield CC
3rd Chris Wildman, MWCC
Prime Matt Robinson, MWCC

D Grade
It was good to run a proper D Grade and, if we can get the numbers, we’ll run D grades on Fridays as well. 9 riders set out and 5 made it to the finish but where was Jim Buda? It was good to see mum Carrie McCormick from LACC  racing and hanging in while dad Pat Condliffe looked after the kids, there is a precedent there for some!

1st Jeff Tippett, NSCC
2nd Ben Dawtrey, Peloton
3rd Bryan van Eck, MWCC – winner of the dogiest Xmas jersey competition

Where is HART? 451 Mona Vale Road, St Ives. This is opposite St Ives Showground. There is plenty of parking available at the site, if you wish to drive. Alternatively there are a number of cycling routes to the venue.

How do I enter? Entry is on the day, simply turn up with your licence or 3 Day permit print out and a Australian Standards helmet and $15 if you are in Grades A-C.

What time do I have to enter? Entries will be open from 6pm until racing commences t 6:30pm. So riders just need to get there approximately 15 minutes before their grade to enter and pin on a number. We will be taking entries from 6:00pm on the day.

Is this open to all riders and clubs? Yes, this race day is open to all riders and clubs. New riders are welcome, just make sure you have a race licence or have purchased a 3 Race permit. We recommend that you choose Manly Warringah as your club of choice when purchasing a licence.

Can I ride the track at other times? No. This is a private venue, that we have hired specifically for this event. It is not opening to cyclists outside of this and our Friday night races. Riders will be able to warm up on the track before their race.


We look forward to welcoming you on January 6 to our event.

All competitors are reminded that road cycling can be considered a dangerous sport, and whilst all reasonable care is taken by the race organizers and officials when organizing this event, all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care by adhering to the road rules and any other conditions imposed by Police and or officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned.