MWCC Road Race Results 10/2/13

Another solid weekend of MWCC Road Racing, with just over 140 riders coming from all  over Sydney to take on the rolling terrain and the variety of clubs in attendance was reflected in the riders on the podium.

The Prestige and Hubbard divisions again appeared to be a popular addition to the grades, with more riders choosing Prestige in B Grade and fairly even numbers in C Grade. It was noted that a number of riders have stepped up from D Grade and are using the C hubbard as a chance to learn the ins and outs of the two lap racing format. The quality of the racing was also reflected in the high standard of the A Grade field, the size of the field continues to grow and it was pleasing to see a number of the MWCC boys amongst the mix in the A Grade race.


Evan Snow (MWCC rider in the middle) looks like he could be in a bit of trouble in the next few moments

A Grade Report: Tristan Bauer took out first prize in a large A Grade sprint and was rewarded with $200 cash for his efforts and due to Col’s bizarre apportionment of prize money. The fluoro kits continue to filter into the peloton and Kane Macri representing Macarthur CC edged out strong man Jake Kauffman MWCC/Budget Forklifts for third place. None of the breaks that attempted to get away during the race could stay away, with a number of riders within the bunch willing to put their turn in on the front to pull back any deadly attacks. Young Dan ‘Schleck’ Scheiner led the sprint out but was outgunned in the straight.

A Grade 100213

A Grade Results

1.Tristan Bauer (SUVelo)  

2. Kane Macri (Macarthur)

3. Jake Kauffman (MWCC)

B Prestige Report – This was a bit of a procession and Sunday group ride until the final berg, with no rider wanting to go off the front and no one really wanting to do any work. The group was happy to just roll around and take their chances at the end. Simon Finch obviously wasn’t happy with his second place in A Grade last month and so he demoted himself down to B Prestige for the win. That will see him back in A Grade next month – sandbagger! Evan Snow saw any chance of the podium at the final turnaround disappear, when a rider decided that the inside dive was the best option, only for them to swing out wide – inside suicide as the saying goes. At least we have a photo of it.

B Prestige 100213

B Grade Prestige Results

1. Simon Finch (MWCC)

2. James Bernard (SUVelo)

3. Steve McMahon (SUVelo)

B Hubbard Report -Some good solid racing from everyone. Plenty of strung out moments and no dawdling. Lots of mini attacks up the hills to keep the pace high. 4 or 5 man break got away towards the end of the first lap but disintegrated over the bergs turnaround and got gobbled up soon after as they couldn’t get organised again. A few riders pumped out the back on the last lap home. There was big surge towards the bergs with most of the field looking for position. Out the other side was a lead group of 4 and a chase group of another 4 or 5 riders. 

Mitch Dixons sneaking training in the Alps has worked wonders and he is certainly on his way to top form after the injury that sidelined him last year. He took the finish by a good bike length of Ben Sawers (RBCC) and Lucas Laxale (MWCC) probably left his run a little late because he still looked like he had another 100 metres in him as he motored over the finish line – although he is looking good for his mountain biking exploits.

B Hubbard 100213

Brad photo bombs this podium

B Grade Hubbard Results

1. Mitch Dixon (MWCC)

2. Ben Sawers (RBCC)

3. Lucas Laxale (MWCC)

C Prestige Report – Always good to have a number of clubs mixing up with the locals and Northern Sydney riders Phil Scheideller and Tim Leigh showed that it isn’t just the flat courses of Beaumont Road, that suit these NSCC riders as they went 1-2 ahead of SUVelo rider Alex Abell.

C Prestige 100213

C Grade Prestige Results

1. Phil Scheideller (NSCC)

2. Tim Leigh (NSCC)

3. Alex Abell (SUVelo)

Duke 100213

Duke takes the win Greipel style

C Hubbard Report – Duke Millington ensured that it was worth the trip down from the Central Coast for the flying carrots, when he showed his own Andre Greipel impersonation as he came across the line in first position. Not far behind him was Club president Jim Buda who also managed to get on the podium at Friday night HART racing. A fantastic effort by Martinette Van Vuuren who showed a ridiculous amount of power over the last little berg, which positioned her well for the sprint, ensuring that she was on the podium in third.


Martinette (far right) went from mid pack at the final turn around to third by the finish

C Hubbard 100213

C Grade Hubbard Results

1. Duke Millington (CCCC)

2. Jim Buda(MWCC)

3. Martinette Van Vuuren (MWCC)

D Grade Report – It was a bit of a MWCC domination and stacked field in D Grade even with John Ward having been promoted to C Hubbard, a few riders found it tough going from the start – on this one lap belter. By the end it was 8 riders battling it out over the last section, with Andrew ‘Unabomber’ Thompson finishing ahead of Paul Klemes and Craig Wotherspoon – all from MWCC on the podium. Andrew I think has the legs for the 2 lap option.

D Grade 100213

D Grade Prestige Results

1. Andrew Thompson (MWCC)

2. Paul Klemes (MWCC)

3. Craig Wotherspoon (MWCC)

Thanks must go not only to all the riders, but also the selfless volunteers who gave up their day of racing to man the marshall positions. Luke O’Brien, Trevor Smith manned the turn around points and Col Carrigan was on the finish line.  Commissaires were Brad Ward, Antoni Mikac and James McAdam, which actually gave us the added benefit of having a roving marshall on course during the race, to ensure the safety of all races.


If you felt the benefits of your E Load hydration, thanks to Jarrah from the Endurance Store for coming out yesterday – more info and the ability to purchase can be found on the following link:


Next road race 10 March.


  1. Some stats

    Some notion of the average speeds for the races in the last couple of months. These average speeds exclude the first climb out of Akuna – to level out the difference between the Prestige / HUbbard starts – so this is purely the West Head loops.

    Info from strava

    A 37.8 Dec, 39.2 Jan, 38.5 Feb
    B1 36.4 Dec, 36.7 Jan, 36.3 Feb
    B2 34.8 Dec, 35.0 Jan, 36.2 Feb
    C1 34.3 Dec, 34.3 Jan, 34.5 Feb
    C2 33.0 Dec, 33.6 Jan, 33.5 Feb
    D 33.6

    completely unverified but close enough

  2. Tricky Dicky

    Interesting ….which just shows the big jump from B grade to A grade (esp since it is 3 laps compared to 2). Query if it is worth having an A grade and an A1 / Elite grade, with the latter having a handicap of 2 mins or so to catch the rest of A? Otherwise, we’ll get people (like a “friend” of mine) hiding in B when perhaps we should be in A because we’re scared of getting spat out early on? Just a thought.

  3. Some stats

    A Grade is only 2 laps.

    The smaller you make the A Grade field by splitting it, the harder it becomes because there is less places to hide and once it starts to stretch – if you are going backwards – you are going to drift off the back much quicker if the field is only half the size. My opinion anyway.

  4. mitch

    video of B-hubbard finish

  5. mitch

    video of C-prestige finish

  6. Darren Byers

    Podium in A grade then dropping down to B is cheating.

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