MWCC & MWMTB Cyclocross & Short Course MTB Races

With the winter chills coming into Sydney in a big way, it is a wise decision by MWCC and our compatriots of MWMTB to stage the next round of the HED Cyclocross and mountain bike short course so that we can get that European feel for the cross races.

Once again JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve at Terrey Hills will become a little part of Belgium, therefore almost doubling the country’s land size. The course is located next to the equestrian centre and behind the Rural Fire Brigade Station, there is plenty of parking and facilities to use.

Have you ever dreamed of being the next Zdenek Stybar? Well now is your chance to test your cycling skills combined with your running and jumping skills – in the growing sport of cyclocross. Along with the HED Cyclocross series, that runs one race for all types of bikes on the cyclocross cross and a separate race for cyclocross specific bikes, the day also has a short course mountain bike series – which is 100% effort around the multiple loop course.
Check out the some photos by Gilbert Romane from last months race and also some action video –

As always it is great value racing at only $10 race entry for those with a current 2012 CA licence, with day licences available for those that don’t.

A rough outline of the days events –
2:00 Rego Open
2:30 STXC Div 2 (C/D grades) – all bikes MTBA Licences / MTBA Day Licences
3:00 STXC Div 1 A/B Grades) – all bikes MTBA Licences MTBA Day Licences
3:30 Sport Cross / Ladies Cross – all bikes CA/MTBA Licences / CNSW Day Licences
4:10 Prestige Cross – CX bike only – disc brakes OK, 35 mm tyres CA/MTBA Licences / CNSW Day Licences


  1. Will

    The Gilbert Romane photos can be found here –

  2. Mick

    Thanks for another awesome afternoon of racing. Well done on the course Rob, given the limited access.

    Saturday morning for the next round? Maybe?

  3. chris miller

    From a first time cyclo-cross-er on saturday, have to say that was awesome fun. Well worth swapping the pavement for the mud once a month.
    cheers rob, really well organised and challenging event. see you next month

    from a rubbish, but hooked cycle-cross rider


  4. Carl

    Thanks again to MWMTB (Rob & Jim) for putting on a nice CX race on Saturday afternoon. A slightly shorter track this time due to equestrian centre constraints, but more technical and certainly taxing.

    +1 for consideration of a morning race for next round.

  5. Andrew

    My first cross race too, and I really enjoyed the workout – that’s all it was ever going to be, a place on the podium seems a long way off! Thanks for organising such a great event – it’s prompted me to join the club via Cycling Australia.

  6. Dave Watkinson

    Thought the course was great, ,lots of twists and turns. Well improvised fellas

  7. Gilbert Romane

    Hey guys sorry I missed the race, had a committment to shoot the capital punishment in Canberra on the day. A buddy of mine shot the race n my abscence will load up his shots to website soon. Sounds like some interestihg changes were made.
    thx Gil

  8. chris miller

    another vote for a morning time slot if at all possible.

  9. Brent Dawson

    I’m favouring afternoons or Sunday? might be a little while off but it needs to be made as a family day out with BBQ and belgium beers…as a thought..

  10. Sean Couley

    I don’t mind if it is morning or arvo, happy with whatever encourages more participation.

    But I have been enjoying the arvo racing…

    Looking ahead, a mid week night series during summer would be awesome too!

  11. Will

    The course will now form part of the National Race series with two races now on the 29/30 September.

    Well done to Rob and the boys for pulling this off.

  12. Dave Watkinson

    If any of you know anyone wants a cross frame, I have 2 for sale. I will bring them to the next race or email me

    Trek X1 49cm Frame with headset and seatpin $200
    or Complete Bike, presently has flat bars and 14 speed shimano gears $500
    GT 57cm frame with headset and seatpin, caliper brakes, front mech $100

  13. Ray

    Someone told me this Saturday’s race is on in the morning. Is this correct?

  14. Sean

    That is correct.
    Rego from 8am first race 8.30am with prestige Cross starting at 10.10am.

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