MWCC Club Champs 2011

The rain held off for just long enough to make almost all who ventured out to west head believe that racing was both possible and better than staying in bed. Surprisingly just short of 40 riders had peered out their windows that morning, looked at the wet ground and advancing gloom and had thought “I am going out to west head to race”. In the face of such unwarranted and misguided optimism the call to race was made.

As if to mock the assembled judgement, the rain opened up almost immediately and there was no turning back. A grade pushed out in a mighty downpour, B, C and D grades followed. All were asking the big questions and the attrition rate was high. The rain came and went in waves. At points the water was washing across the road in small rivers and anyone trying to hold a wheel just copped a face full of spray.
Perhaps it was the need to huddle under the only shelter available but the level of post race social chatter was very high with Aaron from Fusion Peak serving up brutal strength coffees from the stove top espresso as well general bike tips.
Tamara passed the chance that one lap of west head would have earned her the glory of female club champion for 2011 and the accompanying trophy. A grade was taken out by Duncan Houston who jumped on the last hill with no response from the chase group and soloed to the line Jake Kauffman was second earning the open club champ title with Alex Gardner taking the masters trophy, Andy Crawley was nearby muttering darkly. Ben Elvy lead back a strung out B grade with Dave Rubin getting a tightly contested C grade sprint. Mark Young had the jump in D grade.
Henry Baird took out the junior champion with a solid effort in B grade.

More west head fun in 4 weeks, though hopefully in the dry.

A grade
1- Duncan Houston
2- Jake Kauffman
3- Alex Gardner

B Grade
1- Ben Elvy
2- Richard Broome
3- Colin Carrigan

C grade
1- Dave Rubin
2- Colin Edwards
3- Ben Boyd

D grade
1- Mark Young
2- Trent Salkovich
3- Frank Vozzo

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  1. andy bateman

    Great job guys – braving the elements is real cycling!

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