Manly storm Beauie B-Grade….and steal the loot!

A handful of Manly riders made their way to Beaumont Rd on long-weekend Monday to test the legs. Jake Kauffman couldn’t help himself and stormed away from the A-grade pack on lap two, dragging a small number of others with him with Jake eventually placing 4th out of the tightly contested breakaway.

Manly had 5 riders in B-grade. After 20 minutes, Rob Malicki (at ‘Captain’ Col Carrigan’s wise urging) forced a break at one of the turnarounds with just Col and one Central Coast rider following suit. The three worked well together, eventually opening up a sizable lead thanks in no small part to Trever, Jeremy and another Manly rider conveniently placing themselves in prime ‘blocking’ position at the head of the disorganised bunch.

It’s rare that a breakaway survives B-grade at Beauie, and with our Central Coast friend starting to miss turns, Rob and Col landed a couple of good 1-2 punches with a kilometre to go, eventually earning Manly a breakaway quinella with a minute in hand over the bunch.

In C-grade, Roger Shackleton rounded out a good showing for the baby blue with a well earned 3rd place sprint finish. Another good weekend of racing up north.


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  1. Luke Harvey-Palmer

    Hey, I do apologise crew for my anonymity (all dressed in black), but I do believe the ‘other’ Manly rider was me riding block…

    Must get myself some team kit, so I can then get up the road myself and get some support πŸ˜‰

    Well done to Col and Rob, it was a fun (and relatively easy) day out.


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