HED Cyclo Cross Round 3 Wrap

The HED Cyclo cross round 3 continued on the weekend with clear skies, although the wind was certainly blowing and the temperature dropping. Since being announced as part of the National Series for the new cyclocross national series in September, there is renewed interest in the weird and wonderful happenings up at Terrey Hills.

The morning starts with a short course mountain bike race, which is more like an off road crit race on mountain bikes. These riders doing a shortened version of the cyclo cross course. Later in the morning, the cyclo crossers line up for their smash fest. Paul Rowney of Yeti Cycles fame delivered a master class in cyclocross lapping three-quarters of the field to take the win from Carl Fokemma, with Mike Blewitt rounding out the top 3.

The arrival of Rowney former Olympian and Australian MTB Champion that was causing all the chattering amongst the riders and it was our own President who was first to raise the white flag as he demoted himself down to the open cyclocross race. Jim will most likely have to hand in his ‘man card’ after crumbling so quickly and losing all form of self respect. Paul Rowney seeded himself anonymously at the back of the start grid, Rowney had passed most of the field by the first barrier and another 5 with a super smooth remount after the run up the stairs and proceeded to ride away from field. By the end of the first lap, spectators were wondering if he was in a different race, such was the distance between himself and the rest of the field – he was certainly in a different race to Jim Buda.

Scott Wines chased back on passing Paul on the final hair pin on the first lap but headed straight for the pits to deal with a slowly leaking rear tyre, dropping back to 6th place before heading off again. Another trip to the pits on the next lap cost Scott any chance of challenging Paul. For the remainder of the race Paul was to be unchallenged.
Further back in the field Carl Fokkema was picking his way through field after a slow start, whilst Duncan Markham was doing the same thing in reverse after getting off to a flyer.
For a taste of the action check out Mick Hernan’s video of the race, with camera work by Adam Hernan. The next off road crit and cyclo cross will be on the 23 of June. Racing is on regardless of the weather. Cyclo cross bikes make great commuting bikes, so if you are thinking of getting a commuter – get the cross bike and then you have your race bike ready to go.

Brief Results
Prestige Cyclocross
1. Paul Rowney
2. Carl Fokkema
3. Mike Blewitt
Open Bike & Ladies CX
1. Roger Shacketon
2. Chris Thompson
3. Jim Buda
Short Track Division 1
1. True Swain
2. Gary Milburn
3. Mike Bult
Short Track Division 2
1. Ben Edols
2. Sam Pointon
3. David Adisil

Full results

Series Point Score has been updated as of round 3.


  1. Will

    Video link – http://vimeo.com/42884980

  2. Danny Hennessy

    Great work there at MWCC. Excellent report. Cross is coming.

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