Finally the weather gods were kind and the riders got to light it up on Friday night. There was plenty of action on the bike and the free kids training was also a hit. We will be back again this Friday. A bit of a double header, crit racing on Friday and road racing on Sunday.

For a massive range of photos – check out the Riding Focus gallery – perfectly represents the night of racing.


A Grade
A bit of déjà vu for the clubbies: a big lead, working well together until the Prime then they fall apart. Evan Snow laid all his cards on the table and took out the Prime sprint and promptly blew up. Commissaire Brad had told riders at the briefing they had to finish to claim the prize money so poor Evan continue to roll around, eventually finishing a lap down.

With 2 to go ex Mobius rider Marcus Culey jumped away from the Elites and cruised straight past the remaining club riders. Heads dropped and by the time they rose again the rest of the elite bunch had caught the clubbies with just one to go. Marcus took out the win showcasing his talents as he looks for a new team. The commissaire swapped third and fourth positions due to a bit of illegal drafting which meant that Alex went home without his prize money and missed the photo opportunity.

1st Marcus Culey, NSCC
2nd Peter Livingstone, DHBC
3rd Alex Gardener, Harlequin
4th Tyron Bicknell, RBCC
5th Jon Leighton, Harlequin
Prime Evan Snow, MWCC


B Grade
Lewis Hunt attacked right from the start followed by Jack Renshaw as the bunch cruised around at a leisurely pace. Eventually a group of 5 came together at the front and that was how it remained with no one else able to get across. Jamie White took out the Prime but, unlike A grade, the lead bunch continued to hold formation and stay away. Formation consisted mostly of Lewis doing the work and the rest sitting in which caused the normally mild mannered Lewis to give his fellow breakaways a bit of a serve as they came through on the bell lap and earn him the “most aggressive” rider award.

1st Hamish Murchison, Harlequin
2nd Lewis Hunt, MWCC
3rd Jack Renshaw, NSCC
4th and Prime Jamie White, RBCC
5th Dave Yonge, MWCC

C Grade
With 3 riders moving up to B grade, C was wide open with the bunch cautiously watching each other. Paul Kilbane took out the early Prime which was followed by a few short lived attacks but none stuck until Martin Hector slipped away. Such was his stealth that the bell ringer missed him coming through with one to go so he did an extra lap after winning “just to make sure”.

1st Martin Hector, MWCC
2nd David Hampton, Marconi
3rd and Prime Paul Kilbane, MWCC
4th Jeff Tam, Parramatta
5th David Lavery, MWCC