Great Friday Crit Results

The HART crit course had its first true test of maximum rider numbers on our Great Friday Crit. With a much larger than expected on the day roll up, we had maximum numbers in grades A-C and set a new bar for racing at HART. Plenty of riders earned their eggs with fast racing and the usual attrition rate which the course is famous for.

We had often wondered how many riders the course could take at any one time and on Friday we had the chance to see the it in action with 102 riders charging over the course at any one time. While that number wouldn’t be a problem in a handicap race, when we are trying to run separate scratch grades, then it becomes a little hectic.


While each grade managed to pass each other safely, I think a few of us were holding our breath when all three grades came together on the somewhat infamous hairpin. However no carnage occurred. That wasn’t to say that we had another race with a perfect safety sheet. Unfortunately Calvin Smith of RBCC is looking like he will now be part man, part machine through no fault of his own. One rider felt the need to glance over his shoulder as the pace was starting to ramp up and it is only that momentary moment that can cause a touch of wheels and bring riders down. Angus Calder of NSCC showed a past life in gymnastics with his near perfect somersault over his bike and only required a new jersey and a few sleepless nights not on his right shoulder when he was brought down in the same crash.

Riders must always remember that nothing important happens behind you. Always be looking forward.

We wish these two riders a speedy recovery.

Outside of this one instance, it all stations go for some attacking riding and with large fields it meant for some exciting racing across all grades.

A Grade

It came as a surprise that once again the trio of Alex Nazarewicz MWCC, Peter Livingstone DHBC and Marcus Culey NSCC were left off the front of the A Grade peloton. It was a bit like watching Cancellara, Sagan and Van Avermaet ride up the road and the others thinking, thats okay – they’ll be back.

These three riders have dominated the Friday night series and yet these still managed to go free and duke it out for the victory. A number of riders must seriously question their tactics when they let such a formidable trio go up the road. Riders can’t simply look to Jake Kauffmann MWCC and wait for him to drag it back or for him to react.


In the end Marcus Culey was simply outnumbered and outfoxed and this relegated him to third. These three riders happy to pick up their weekly pay cheque.

Final Podium

  1. Alex Nazarewicz MWCC (Mobius Future Racing)
  2. Peter Livingstone DHBC (Mobius Future Racing)
  3. Marcus Culey NSCC


B Grade


Brendan Barrett showed in B Grade that he doesn’t just take good photos but he also found his way onto the top step.

1. & Prime = Brendan Barrett, SUVELO

2. Ben Daley, SUVELO

3. Rodney Commerford, Sydney CC

C Grade


Patrick Condliffe managed to sneak away after collecting the prime and he did such a good job at vanishing that the rest of the race wasn’t aware that he was in the race, some may say that he used the B Grade group once they past C Grade for his cloak of invisibility, I wouldn’t make that allegation.


1. &  Prime Patrick Condliffe, LACC

2. Tim Wilkinson, GCCS

3. Lincoln Hey, CCCC

D Grade
1. Stephen Phillips, NSCC
2. and Prime Rick van der Voort, MWCC
3. Hamish Johnstone, NSCC
Thanks for all that attended and it was particularly pleasing to see the growing number of juniors that were giving the racing a go. Remember that all Junior riders who want to give road racing a go can enter for free in our C Grade Coffee Division at our West Head road race. This two lap race is increasingly seeing a number of juniors mixing it up and we really want to encourage this. Junior riders must ensure that they have a current racing licence when taking us up on their offer or purchase a one day licence.
Our next road race is 24 April at West Head enter via
The first Subaru Cyclocross race for the season is on 17 April.
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