Giro D’West Head

This Sunday, MWCC host another round of its popular West Head road racing. Due to the ever growing popularity and numbers at the event, we have introduced a few changes to the line up due to the feedback that we have received from riders and officials. We will be trialling a few different formats in coming months in order to give you the most competitive road races. Show your mother how much you love her by turning up and dedicating your victory to her, alternatively tell your wife that her present is getting to spend some quality time with the kids, while you sacrifice yourself and go and ride your bike.

A Grade will now be doing 3 LAPS of the West Head Course, we have also thrown in another hill for them by making the first lap a full loop of the West Head Circuit. As a result of the increase in distance to approximately 68km – race start for A grade is now 7:30am. Sign on from 7am. If this format is considered safe and successful we will look to extend this to a B Grade level, giving the B graders a choice of a two or three lap option, however that will not be occurring this month. The increase in distance is not considered an excuse to drop down to B Grade – so sandbaggers have been warned that they will receive no sympathy from the handicapper at these events and if you have ridden A Grade in previous months, you will be expected to be racing A Grade this month – the distance has increased because of your feedback.

Race starts and distances will remain the same for B and C Grade – with their respective races rolling out from 8am. Both of these grades will complete 2 laps of the course with the turn around at the usual turning bay for a total distance for 44km.

D Grade will now have an official start time of 8:30am – so they can have a bit of an extra sleep in on Sunday, before completing one lap of the course. As a result of the later start, please be cautious when riding to the start line, that races will be in progress – so stay alert to riders coming from various directions.

Please do not park in the Elvina Walking Track Car Park or the slip way into the car park. With this introduction last month, we noted how much easier it was to have all of the riders safely milling around in the carpark and not having to wait on the road. The car park is for officials only. We recommend parking at Terrey Hills and riding into the National Park. Please be cautious on the descent down McCarrs Creek road and let cars pass when it is safe to do so.

The details
Where: Race sign on and start is at Elvina Walking Track Car Park, West Head
When: Sunday 13th of May
Time: A Grade Start 7:30am with sign on from 7am. B and C Grade race start at 8am and D Grade start at 8:30am
Distance: A Grade complete 3 laps, B and C Grade 2 laps and D Grade 1 lap.
Cost: $10 with a Gold 2012 Racing Licence. If you do not have a gold racing licence you will be required to purchase a one day licence for $30 plus the usual $10 entry fee. You must present your licence when signing on.
Please have an Australian Standards Approved Helmet.

Our own version of a Red Bull Girl, Tamara will have the usual cokes, powerades, chocolate bars and snakes available for sale at the start line. The first 20 A Grade riders who sign on will receive a Red Bull drink to give them wings for their additional lap.



  1. Scott K

    ouch… that right hander at the look out is sharp with parking cars/motorbikes just beyond, really scary at 70k/h, will there be a marshal beforehand?

  2. Will

    Scott, fair comment. Hence why we are trialling it with a grade first. Course will be checked prior and we will ensure a clear run through. Thankfully at that time of the morning cars aren’t really an issue, the biggest issue will be people pushing beyond their limits.
    Last couple of races we have counted less than 5 cars on the course during racing. An earlier start should reduce that even further.
    As long as riders take it sensible around the corner, should all be positive. If it works we hope to roll it out to b grade as an option, but that will be decided after a grade have given it a crack and provided their feedback. The full loop has been done before often due to misunderstandings and it hasn’t been a problem.
    See you Sunday and look forward to your feedback

  3. Will

    The first cold morning at West Head this season with a decent wind blowing as well met the 120 odd riders who had travelled out on Mother’s Day.

    Grades are split by number once each grade reaches 20 in number.Results:

    A Grade –
    1. Sam Rutherford
    2. Andrew Crawley
    3. Trenton Day

    1. Michael Ong
    2. Rod Comerford
    3. Paul Edolstein

    1.William Sykes
    2. Jacob Jones
    3. Ben Larson

    1.Andrew Duggan
    2. Christian Cardew
    3. Chris Miller

    1.Daniel Van Der Laan
    2. Stephen Davies
    3. Greg Barnes

    1. Jonathan Herb
    2. Greg Reynolds
    3. Robert Crichton

    1. JJ Hazelton
    2. Edward Shilland
    3. Shaun Falzarano

    Next Club Race is June 10.

    The next round forms part of the MWCC Club Championships. Riders will be required to be in Manly kit if they are to be eligible for points.

  4. Will

    If you lost a Garmin on West Head on Saturday 12 May, please contact the club and we will make you very happy.

  5. Will

    If you left your saddle bag at the April race. Please contact the club.

  6. Suffering Pat Jones

    Is there any justice when 9 B graders get their name up in lights…. but only 3 from A grade do?
    Was hoping for some evidence that my suffering was in fact real!

  7. Repentant Moaner Pat Jones

    BTW – Great racing event. Supurb location, excellent marshalling, punctual org.
    Come on down to Heffron & get smoked by Randwick Botany!

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