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This months road race will combine the Manly Warringah Club Championship and our normal grades with some variations. A Grade will now be racing 3 laps. We have now introduced online entry to allow you to pre enter in your grade prior to race day.

With the air temperature dropping, come and conquer the mountains they didn’t climb in the Giro D’ West Head.

A Grade will now be completing 3 laps of West Head – that will result in close to 75 kilometres of racing on a rather undulating terrain. Is there a better course within a few hours of Sydney??

B and C Grade will only have two options this month and next. B Grade MWCC riders will ride in a separate race to everyone else. The Rest of the World B Grade riders will race a non neutralised start from the Akuna Bay roll out. The same will apply to C Grade – it will also have a non neutralised start. Both grades will complete two laps of West Head.

D Grade will remain combined to ensure a large and competitive field and complete a single lap of West Head.

Once again we will be having A and B Womens Grades (2/1 lap) and we are hoping that these can be run separately on the basis that there is sufficient numbers. If numbers are short for either grade, we will combine them with either C or D grade depending on which race is affected. We will still pay the podium for the womens grades regardless.


All riders must show a current 2013 Gold Racing Licence unless purchasing a day licence (additional $30) and an approved Australian Standards Helmet at the sign on.

As usual our road race will be signing on from 7am for all grades down at the Akuna Bay Marina. There is plenty of parking available in the car park and there should be a coffee cart and toilets available. Our race can send your heart rate rocketing from the roll out, so we do encourage riders to be warmed up and recommend that you consider parking around Terrey Hills and riding into the park, to ensure that you have had a good warm up prior to race start. Please be cautious on the descent down into the Park.

We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks. This also gives riders more room to hang around in post race.

Grades will commence racing from 7:30am down at the Akuna Bay Marina. Typically the race times are as follows – A Grade roll out at 7:30am, B Grade 7:35, C Grade 7:45 and D Grade 7:50. The finish line will be at its usual place at Elvina Walking Track Carpark, West Head.

Essential Details:

$15 Entry – with a Gold 2013 licence

One day licences are available for an extra $30 if you don’t have a GOLD 2013 racing licence

Race Date: 9 June 2013

Sign on from 7am and Race Start 7:30am – D’Albora Marina, Akuna Bay

Grades A-D – All clubs and riders welcome.



Riders can pre enter the race up until Friday 7 June 5pm. After that time, riders will be required to manually sign on. By pre registering, you are ensuring your entry and then on the day you will just turn up, sign the sheet and grab a number.

To pre enter simply go to and search ‘MWCC’ in the events section. This will bring up all of the available grades or you can follow the links below.

Mens A Grade –

MWCC B Grade –

Non MWCC B Grade –

MWCC C Grade –

Non MWCC C Grade –

Mens D Grade –

Womens A Grade –

Womens B Grade –

Please note that our races are raced on open roads. This means that riders must not cross over the centre line during the race. This can lead to disqualification. Please consider your behaviour and actions when both riding to and from the race and also during the race. Your actions impact on all users of the Park and also our ability to gain approval for our races. Our officials often have to answer questions based on non club riders behaviour that occur at anytime – so lets not make ourselves a target.



  1. Official

    To clarify- all mens grades will be racing from Akuna Bay this weekend. The climb up Akuna will be part of the race for all grades.

    MWCC riders will race in separate races in B & C due to MWCC club championships.

  2. Club Official

    Please note that full refunds are given if the race is rained out.

  3. Results

    Another perfect morning for racing and the new online rego system seemed to reduce the queues considerably. Still working on a few little details but so far very happy with how it worked out.

    Here are the results for each of the grades, full report and photos will be up as soon as I have had a chance to download and receive them all.

    A Grade
    Apologies, don’t have the sign on sheet, so names are from memory
    1. Michael Jaeger Peloton
    2. Paul Edelstein Sydney CC
    3. Simon Coughlan

    B Grade MWCC
    1.Jonathan Herb
    2.Mitchell Dixon
    3.David Adcock

    B Grade Rest of the World
    1.Brent Dawson Dubbo CC
    2.Bill Godfrey CCCC
    3. Alex Morgan CCCC

    C Grade MWCC
    1.Nathan Crump
    2. Toby Molineaux
    3. Edward Shilland

    Rest of the World C Grade
    1. Nicholas Simpson SuVelo
    2. Duke Millington CCCC
    3. Richard Stead

    D Grade
    1. Greg Gillespie MWCC
    2. Phil Tanner MWCC
    3.Chris Lobascher MWCC

    Great to have such a solid D Grade turn out – should it be 2 laps??

    Womens A
    1. Narelle Hards
    2. Cat Haines MWCC
    3. Lisa Antill SuVelo

    Womens B
    1.Laura Perry
    2.Jessie Haverfield
    3.Marylou Webb Peloton

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