There is no time like the present to harden up, face the cold and enter the true test of cycling – West Head. Last month sold out with a week to go. This month we don’t expect anything different. This will also be the last month until August that will run under our current format, so if you want to be part of it –

The who’s who of West Head lined up in April, with riders knowing that our fast roads, rolling hills and uphill finish make it as tough as anything that the Ardennes can offer. Will you be able to claim a victory?

This month as noted above will be the last in current format until August. On June 12 we will be running a ‘Bambino Wall’ Handicap which will give riders a taste of what is to come with our full Wall in October. Run over a shorter course, with full electronic timing this is the perfect eye opener to larger State handicaps. In June we will also be hosting the U/19 State Championships on the course. UPDATE: Normal racing in June.

Further racing will also be offered on Sunday June 5 at our HART Crit Course. We are running a large morning of crit races, with only two grades on the course at anyone time. This will be another leg tester and is the perfect opportunity for those riders who want to back up or are in town for the Sydney Road Titles at Penrith on the Saturday.

In July we will be running a closed club combine and this will only be open to clubs competing in ‘The Battle of The Bridge’ being MWCC, NSCC, SUVelo and RBCC. Normal racing will commence again in August, which is also when it starts to warm up again.


We are having an increasing number of juniors entering our C Grade Coffee Riders division and to encourage this further, junior riders under 16 with a racing licence can race for free in this division. Just enter online and select Junior Rider in the Coffee Rider Division. This is an MWCC initiative to assist junior riders who are looking for some road racing experience.

Make sure you get your entry in via our online entry form sooner rather than later, as the closer it gets to race day the less chance you have of racing. Enter online for $25 if you have a racing licence or purchase the day licence for an additional $38. This can all be done via

There has been a price rise to $25, it seems that the more successful a race becomes the more people put their hand out for a piece of the cut. Often feel like a parent with teenagers. The previous cost was becoming unsustainable and we were only making a very slim margin most months.

If there are any spots available on the day the price will be $30. Why the increase? This year we are under a lot more volunteer strain with having to operate a road closure and car convoys. This has meant we have had to triple the number  of MWCC members who have to help out every month. If we have a large number of on the day entries, that requires more volunteers to run that part of the morning and this month most of our usual suspects won’t be there to help out. Make it easier for us and cheaper for you by going online.


We also wish to remind riders that it is an MWCC race request that all riders race in their club kit on race day. If you are in a registered race kit and a registered rider for that kit -as per the NSW Cycling website – then we request that you race in A Grade. If you wish to be in a ‘race team’ then we think  the most appropriate division is the top level of racing that has a number of race team riders and is one of the few grades where group tactics may come into play. If you feel that this is an unreasonable request, then please respect our rules and don’t enter. We are happy to follow your rules at your club events, we request that you follow ours. If you don’t have a club kit from your club, then a plain white or black jersey is acceptable.

If you wish to check out the full calendar of MWCC races for the year then check out our race calendar which will include two handicap races this year. We also provide mountain bike short course races and cyclocross events. The next cyclocross round is May 15.

All riders will sign on at Elvina Walking Track Car Park. If you choose to drive into the Park and park on West Head Road, please note that you will be under a controlled and restricted road until the race has finished.

The race course starts at Elvina Walking Track, riders will roll out and head south back towards Akuna Bay, however rather than turn at the junction, riders will turn at the crest of the hill and then make their way out to the usual turn around point.


The entry fee is $25 for Racing Licence riders.

We encourage all riders to read our article on racing safely –

Our races have a history of being incident free and we want to maintain that record. Remember that you are in control of your front wheel. Keep your brain switched on.


A Elite is a 4 lap race that will start at 7:20am. This grade is suitable for those riders who are strong A Grade riders in other races across Sydney, riders who are riding in either NRS teams, development teams or private race teams. Riders should be experienced and are looking for a very competitive and high class field. Race distance approximately 89km.

A Grade Dreamers. (7:30am) This will be a 3 lap race. This grade is for those who are stepping up from B Grade or want to be able to call themselves an A Grader at the coffee shop without actually having the true ability of the true A Grade racers. Race distance approximately 65km.

B Grade (7:32 and 7:35am) is a 3 lap event. Approx 65km. There are two grades, both exactly the same. Simply split to allow appropriate grade numbers. Same course, same prize money.

C Grade (7:40am) is a two lap event. Approx 45km.

C Grade Coffee riders (7:45am) this is a two lap event. Suitable for inexperienced or junior riders who if they have a race licence can race for free. Suitable for those may also consider that their racing career is entering its twilight years.



All riders must show a current 2016 Racing Licence or purchase a One Day Racing Licence and an approved Australian Standards Helmet at the sign on.

Our Subaru Road Race will be signing on from 7am for all grades at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark. If you pre enter please ensure you arrive at a minimum 10 minutes before your race start.

If you haven’t raced before but are considering it – our guide to entering may be of some assistance.

Our prestigious road race can send your heart rate rocketing from the roll out, so we do encourage riders to be warmed up and recommend that you consider parking around Terrey Hills and riding into the park, to ensure that you have had a good warm up prior to race start. Please be cautious on the descent down into the Park.

The start/finish line and presentation area is located at the Elvina Walking Track Car park on West Head Road.

We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks. This also gives riders more room to hang around in post race.



Essential Details:

$25 Entry – with a Gold 2016 licence. Day licences additional $38.

Race Date: 8 May 2016

Race start time is 7:20am. Sign on from 7am.

Race sign on and start is Elvina Walking Track, West Head Road.

All clubs and riders welcome.



Entries are now open for all riders.

By pre registering, you are ensuring your entry and then on the day you will just turn up a minimum 10 minutes before race start, sign the sheet and grab a number. If a grade is advertised as sold out, that is exactly what it means – no spots will be available on the day.


If you use gel or energy wrappers, please put your empty wrappers in your pockets and take them home with you. The National Park is not a rubbish dump.