Earn Your Easter Eggs!

With so many Easter chocolates on display, it is only suitable that this months race is brought to you by Energize Health Clubs. Burn off those extra calories this Easter by heading along to club sponsor – Energize Health Clubs – eat the chocolate and then hit the gym!

This Sunday we again have our road races which start at 8am from the Elvina Walking Track car park. Due to the increasing popularity of these races, we would request that people do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park or the slip way into the car park. We want to try and keep this area clear for the cyclists, so that they do not have to mill around on the road. As a result it will be official vehicles only in the car park. That should mean we will only have three vehicles in there. Please park in the other car parks within the park or preferably ride in from outside of the park. Do not be offended if you try and park in there and one of our marshals asks you to park elsewhere. Any grief given to our marshals will exclude you from entering our race.

All grades cost $10 with a gold 2012 racing licence. If you do not have a 2012 gold racing licence you will be required to purchase a one day racing licence and entry for $40. We have grades A-D, with all grades doing two laps with the exception of D Grade which does a single lap. All clubs are welcome at our races.

This month we will have the usual cash prizes for the podium getters in each grade along with prizes for the prime on the first lap of A-C grades and also the most aggressive rider of each grade.


Sunday 8 April

Sign on from 7:20am

Races start 8am

Sign on and race start – Elvina Walking Track Car Park, West Head

Grades – A to D


Next race after that – 13 May 2012


  1. Will

    The cloud coverage prior to the race start may have been reflecting some of the riders wives moods after they learnt that the easter egg hunts would have to wait until dad got home from his bike ride. However once we got racing the skies were blue and reflected the mood of the riders.

    With just over 160 riders turning out for Easter Sunday racing, the riders took home just over $1000 in prize money as well as eggs eggs and bunnies for those on the podium.

    Provisional Results
    A1. 1. Nick Yallouris
    2. Tom Patton
    3. Leonard Antsfeld
    Prime – Nick Yallouris

    A2. 1. Caleb Jones
    2. James Swadling
    3. Nathan Page
    Prime – Sam Rutherford

    B1. 1. Patrick Jones
    2. Steve McMahon
    3. Gareth Paton
    Prime Patrick Jones

    B2. 1. Michael Smith
    2. Jacob Jones (Restricted Gearing)
    3. Vernon Connor (Restricted Gearing)
    Prime Andy Hellmichael

    B3. 1. Glen Thornton
    2. Adam Kimberley
    3. James Bernard
    Prime Darren Byres

    C1 1. Paul Edolstein
    2. Ben Copeland
    3. Chris Taylot
    Prime Eugen Schilton

    C2 1. Chris Miller (Now B Grade)
    2. Tim LaForest (Now B Grade)
    3. Dean Rance
    Prime Michael Chidgey

    D Grade
    1. Duke Millington
    2. Chris Harmer
    3. Michael Kater
    No prime – single lap

    Thanks to all our marshals and volunteers who gave up their Sunday morning. We would also like to thank all the riders for help us really grow this series, great to have some competitive road racing in Sydney.

    Due to the increasing popularity of the racing, we may look into moving some start times to make it more efficient and easy for everyone. We will also look into extending A Grade to 3 laps and possibly extending B Grade as well. There may also be a change in the start location. So please check back on the website prior to the next race in May, to ensure that you have all the right details. Of course we have to make sure that we have all the correct sanctions from the National Parks and the Police for these changes, so please keep checking the website.

    It was certainly a lot easier this morning for all the riders who could congregate in the car park. Thank you for not parking in there this morning. Next road race is in May, the date for the Akuna Bay Hill Climb Challenge has been set for the last Sunday in August.

    The club also has the short course mountain bike and cyclocross series happening for those that go off road.

    Ride Safe

  2. Will

    Next Cross and Mountain Bike race 28th April at Terrey Hills

    Next Road Race 13 May.

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