Cyclocross Round 2 Results

Things are definitely hotting up at Terrey Hills. This is without a doubt the most oxygen sucking, leg sapping thing that you can do. All for an uncertain reward and the huge amusement of the spectators. Perhaps the best thing about this form of racing is that you can suffer and get close to the face of pain and suffering in the next race. This must be why it is so loved by Poms.

The mud pit was well serviced by a week of rain and the newly added gravel pit added to the usual obstacles of horse jumps stairs and off camber corners. A few self effacing riders needed some last minute grade adjustments which lead to some number confusions. This is reflected in some of Robs times and placings being perhaps a bit questionable.

Duncan is taking things very seriously and seems to have lost 5 kgs since the last race and was almost in contention but fate is cruel and a claimed mechanical shuffled him down the order.
Rob went out hard with typical roadie enthusiasm but was lost to hubris and got a DNF. Watto resplendent in skinsuit failed to make an impact and was going on about the big night before.
In the end no one in the main event was going to challenge Nick whose efforts looked painless. Carl looked a bit less relaxed in second. The race for 3rd looked like the competition of the morning until Gaz blew on the last turn to the sprint and gifted 3rd to John Miller.

In all around 48 riders raced with 24 in cross and slightly more in the “any bike” categories. Next race is on the 07.01.12. 8.30 for the warm up, 9.30 for the main event.

See more pictures here kindly taken by Roelof

Still don’t have the sign on sheet for the Prestige race, but have worked out the top 5:

Place Name Race Number Time
1 Nick Both 29 0:50:54
2 Carl Fokkema 14 0:52:51
3 John Miller 25 0:55:00
4 Gary Harwood 1 0:55:02
5 Stu Binns 33 0:56:04

OPEN – 6 Laps
Place Name Race Number Time
1 Mike Sumner 4 0:37:30
2 Fabian Guerrero 39 0:38:40
3 Glen Pleffer 11 0:38:54
4 Mike Wood 21 0:39:29
5 Jim Buda 22 Jim 0:39:30
6 Scott Wines 33 0:40:08
7 Lachlan Rowe 20
8 Luke Haworth-Booth 35 0:40:20
9 Roger Schackleton 6 0:43:30
10 Sophie Wood 8 -1 lap
11 Kelly Mapleston 24 -1 lap
12 Steven Cohen 38 -1 lap
13 Rob Malicki 27 DNF
14 Ben Hawley 18 DNF

SPORT – 6 Laps
Place Name Race Number Time
1 Glen Druey 30
2 ?? 33 0:43:19
3 Ben Epold 39* -1 lap
4 Didier Suzor 10 -1 lap
5 Gary Theiss 22 Gaz -1 lap
6 Michael Foster 36 -1 lap
7 Mathew Denham 26 -1 lap
8 Michael Anderson 37 -2 Lap
9 Simon Nauvton 22b -2 Lap
10 Peter Heywood 18* -2 Lap

Jim Buda


  1. Rob

    Nice write up Jim, if anyone thinks they were hard done by in the results drop me a line & I’ll relook at them

  2. Stu

    Hey guys, great job! But I can’t seem to access the photos…

  3. Carl

    Let’s be honest I WAS less relaxed, Nick makes it look and seemingly does it easy.

    Thought it was possibly Mick Hernan that came 5th in Prestige but not 100% on that.

    Thanks again MWCC

  4. Gilbert Romane

    Hey Guys, great event just finished putting up some images I took on the day. Check out the blog post, and the gallery. Look forward to coming up again for round 3.

    Have a great Christmas everyone.

  5. Mick

    Another awesome race. It’s good to see the number of CX bikes increasing. Great course, great racing. Any chance of a coffee stand for the next round?

    Thanks again MWCC

  6. Woody

    Another great day of racing. Great photos again Rudy and Gil’s too.

    Yep reckon that mick was fith place…he couldn’t wait to get back to repolish that crux!!

    Thanks again MWCC… Spread the word for the next round.

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