CX Round 4…. The decider!

This weekend MWCC brings Round 4 of 4 for our HED Cyclocross race series.

With HED providing wheels for the series champion, there are plenty of riders lining up for glory. There are also others just racing to get some idea about cross racing, or perhaps they like running through mud and jumping over obstacles before running up some stairs?

The cross series is open to all types of bikes, there are separate races for those with cross bikes and those who are on their bmx, mountain bike or fixie. It is only $10 race entry to race on the best Cross course in Sydney.

Racing as always is at 8:30am at the JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve, Terrey Hills; right next to the Equestrian Centre and behind the volunteer fire brigade.

Come along and get dirty.


  1. Gilbert Romane

    Great racing everyone. Other than the crashes I think the weather made for a real interesting race. Great series, I hope the club can keep it going and the event keeps on growing. Check out some images on my blog post,
    Thx Gil.

  2. Carl Fokkema

    Thanks again to MWCC and MWMTB for the great series, look forward to developing skills and strength for next series.
    Appreciate all Gil’s work documenting the race and raising the profile if cx.
    I left a pair of FiveTen sneakers up the north end of car park, dud anyone happen to pick them up?

  3. Woody

    Agree excellent work MW. Bring on the winter series and combine with Sutherland if we can.

    Well done to all who participated

  4. Kal Gulson

    Thanks very much to MW for hosting the series. I had done some CX in Vancouver and was missing it when I came back to Sydney in 2010.
    I only did the last race and DNF, but it was great to do cross racing again. My kids also loved riding the BMX track on their wooden bikes.
    Thanks again and I look forward to the next series.
    Kal Gulson

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