Alpe D’Akuna & West Head Road Race

To get in the spirit of the Tour De France, MWCC are putting on the toughest road race in Sydney. Not content with our already testing road course, we have added another climb to the course which will actually give the hill climbers a chance to test their legs and also make some of the sprinters really suffer from the get go. This new course may see some riders make an early break from the group before facing the usual rigorous test of our West Head course.

The new start line and sign on is located at the d’Albora Marina Carpark within Akuna Bay – actual address is Liberator General San Martin Drive, Akuna Bay.

Each grade will roll out from the carpark in Akuna Bay and head straight out and up to West Head, so we recommend that all riders be warmed up prior to the start to stop you going straight to max heart rate. Once they have climbed up Alpe D Akuna, they will turn left into West Head and then commence our usual road course. A Grade will be doing three laps, grades B and C will do two laps and D Grade a single lap. That will mean that the A Graders will be going up the nasty little West Head berg at the entrance four times!

Riders will not be descending down to Akuna Bay during the race, once you have climbed it, it is the usual turn around points and the finish line will be in its usual location. We will arrange to bring riders clothing and equipment that they leave at the start line up to the finish line. The finish line as always will be adjacent to the Elvina Walking Track Carpark, West Head.

As always entry for this sufferfest is only $10 with a GOLD 2012 racing licence. If your licence isn’t gold, then you will have the opportunity to purchase a one day licence for an additional $30. Sign on will be from 7am and racing will start from 7:30am. A Grade will roll out first and all other grades will leave in 5 minute intervals from that time. This is your Tour, this is a true hardmans course – Jens wishes he was here rather than France. See you at sign on.


  1. Gabriel

    Thanks for the details. Just noting that the event calendar at the top right of the website says next West Head RR 8th July from Elvina Car Park, sign on from 7:15AM, while it’ll be Akuna Bay car park, 7:00AM sign on.

    Good to see that there will be a service to carry the extra equipment from the Marina to the finish line. Can’t afford to carry too much extra weight up that climb unfortunately!

  2. Rich

    I might just be being stupid but I can’t see a date anywhere – is this happening this weekend or next?…

  3. Will

    Good point 8 July is Race Date

  4. Tricky Dicky

    I think I am down as a marshal. Where and when do you need us?

  5. Sean Couley

    Great racing this morning.
    Starting at akuna bay was great I reckon, not oly did the first climb get the legs warmed up, but it was a luxury being able to grab a coffee before I raced from the marina.

  6. Will

    Brief Results – Race Report up shortly. One of the few times in recent months where MWCC has dominated the podium – the President will be happy.
    A Grade
    1. Tom Patton (NSCC)
    2. Caleb Jones (MWCC/ GPM Wilson)
    3. Ian Gardiner (ESCC)
    B Grade
    1. Steffan North (MWCC)
    2. Gabriel Denoury (MWCC)
    3. Billy Sykes (MWCC)
    C Grade (Race 1)
    1. Greg Reynolds (MWCC)
    2. Danny Moore (?)
    3. Steve Newman (NSCC)
    C Grade (Race 2)
    1. JJ Hazelton (MWCC)
    2. Jonathan Herb (MWCC)
    3. Chris Taylor (MWCC)
    D Grade
    1. Mitch Dixon (MWCC)
    2. Alistair Thomson (Day Licence)
    3. Martin Richards (MWCC)

    Keen to hear any other thoughts on the new race format.

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