A West Head Road Race!

Did someone say that we will be having a West Head Road Race on the 11th of March!


  1. Rowena Robinson

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members and office holders of the Manly Warringah Cycling Club for their efforts in pulling together the recent “Alan Robinson Memorial Race Day”. What a stunning and touching effort for a wonderful man.
    Of course we in his family have always known what a giving and kind spirit Alan and we were blessed to have had his love for us unconditionally every day for over 41 years. It’s amazing however to see that so many in the world of cycling also knew and felt the spirit of the man to the point that they were willing to come out on his special day to commemorate him.
    The family and I would like to wish all of you well in your cycling endeavours this year and beyond. And we exhort you to always keep the spirit of Alan Robinson alive through service and kindness to your fellow riders.

    Warm Regards,

    Rowena Robinson and family

  2. Will

    Tamara our VP will have all your energy supplies available at the race start.
    Cokes $2. Red Bulls/ Powerades $3. Killer Pythons $1, Party Mix Packs $3.
    As she raises her funds for Oxfam.

  3. Will

    Another huge turn out for the best and smoothest road race course in Sydney. Great and competitive racing in all grades – was of particular delight for the club to have such a large and strong A grade contingent. Thoughts go out to Michael Collings of Peloton, who went down in B2 when an unexpected slowing in the bunch caused a touch of wheels and Michael unfortunately hit the deck and while he only suffered a graze on his knee – his week old frame suffered a crack in the top tube, to go with the other cracked frame due to a tree on the road only a fortnight ago in Bobbin Head.

    Beyond that incident we had some great racing with most grades finishing in bunch kicks, which isn’t an easy thing to do after the final turn around and the kick over the nasty little berg.

    Provisional results:
    A Grade
    1. Jake Kauffman (Drapac)
    2. Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson)
    3. Jordan Reizes (KMD)

    1. Shariff Shockair (RBCC)
    2.Richard Younger (SUVelo)
    3. Jarrod Scott (SUVelo)

    1. Fraser Cameron (ESCC)
    2. Alex Gale (SUVelo)
    3.Declan Baker (LACC)

    C Grade – Results unavailable at this time.

    D Grade
    1. Paul Klemes (MWCC)
    2. Malcolm Logan (Waratahs)
    3. Holt Hardy (Unaffiliated)

    I will update as the results filter through.

  4. Will

    Alex Gale wasn’t second. Will update results now that i have the photos.

  5. Will

    32 Greg Reynolds
    3 Cameron Hilkmann
    40 Evan Snow

    2 Peter Evans
    1 Peidin Telfa
    34 Niall Durney

    At least that is what is said on the back of a scrap of paper i found.

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