West Head Roubaix – Elite Start Lists

The start list for this Sundays West Head Roubaix Elite race is listed below. All participants should have been emailed a race briefing and other grades will be published on the day. Please note that we will not be taking any on the day entries. If you missed out, you can now enter our May race on May 8 – via www.trybooking.com/EQVY All riders are reminded that they must sign on 10 minutes prior to the race start.

This race happens because of the hours of work put in by MWCC volunteers leading up to the race and club members who give up their morning of racing to hold a sign or drive a car to convoy vehicles on course. Thank you to all of these volunteers who give up their morning to let the magic happen.

Riders are also reminded that as per the recent UCI ruling, there can be no disc brakes within the peloton. All riders must have a current Cycling Australia licence or a purchased day licence and an Australian Standards helmet.

Sign on is from 7am at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark.


Elite Race Preview

With Pete Livingstone of Mobius not on the startline this month due to overseas travel commitments and current NSW Road Champion Jake Kauffmann both missing from the start list, it may open the gate for a new winner, or perhaps an escapee with the inform Marcus Culey of Swiss Wellness.

JML Racing are working on, he who has the most entrants wins and so if they aren’t in the breakaway, given the numbers there will be pressure on them to pull back any escapees or at a minimum heavily contribute to the workload.

Phoenix Racing are making the trip up from Canberra, so will be keen to show that they aren’t just making up the numbers. Park Bikes are also making a bit of a debut this month, never before bringing strength in numbers and so it will be interesting how they handle the terrain.

There are a few lone gunman including Bill Bolton, GPM and CX racer Garry Millburn of Trek Champion System and so they will be weighing up their tactics. With so many teams a few riders may have to realise that everyone doesn’t race or ride to their tactics and so they may have to try a few different options or perhaps talk to their own teammates first.

It promises to be an interesting race with riders looking to find answers after Blayney to Bathurst or legs before Grafton to Inverell.

A Elite – Race Start 7:20am

First Name Surname Club Team
Alex Gardner Harlequin Fixed Wheel
Matt Rozyn Harlequin Fixed Wheel
Conor Tarlington Bici Sport Fixed Wheel
Bill Bolton DHBC GPM
ZAak Naumcevski Sutherland JML Racing
Clinton Edwards Hunter JML Racing
levi johns Nowra JML Racing
Jon Leighton Harlequin JML Racing
Shaun MacWilliam SUVelo JML racing
will mclaren MWCC JML racing
Jake Potgieter Peloton JML racing
James Everett LACC LACC
Aaron Bicknell SUVelo Mobius Future Racing
Alex Nazarewicz MWCC Mobius Future Racing
Robbie Webb SUVelo Mobius Future Racing
Tristan Cardew SUVelo Mobius Future Racing
Kane Macri Peloton Mobius project 63
David Evans MWCC MWCC
Enrico Gaoni MWCC MWCC
Phillip Gray MWCC MWCC
Francesco Piazzoni MWCC MWCC
Scott Austin MWCC MWCC
Harrison Morgan NSCC NSCC Big Hitter
Ran Virdi NSCC NSCC Big Hitter
Brendan read Nwscc NWSCC
Rien Schuurhuis Canberra Oliver’s Real Food Racing
Chris Barlin LACC Park Bikes
Garry Chapman NSCC Park Bikes
James McDulling LACC Park Bikes
Daniel Paine CCCC Park Bikes
Alex Wong SUVelo Park Bikes
Mark A Rowling Peloton Peloton
Nathan Booth Canberra Phoenix Cycling
Matt Dunstall Vikings Phoenix Cycling
Edmund Hall Canberra Phoenix Cycling
Andrew McCosker Vikings Phoenix Cycling
Andrew pickering MWCC Phoenix Cycling
Scott Thompson Nowra Phoenix Cycling
Simon Lempriere Bicisport Pilu Racing
Anthony Lowes Bicisport Pilu Racing
David Munro Bicisport Pilu Racing
Brad Hamblett Bici Pilu racing
Alex Thomas Kangaroo Point CC Procella Sports p.b. Jumbo Interactive
Tim Rizvanov St George St George
Colin Iremonger Easts Subaru Albiom
Luke Cruickshank Easts Subaru Albion
Paul Edelstein SCC Subaru Albion
Alastair Hirsch MWCC Subaru Albion
John Peppard Easts Subaru Albion
Rob Redpath SUVELO SUVelo
jesse coyle suvelo SUVelo
Christopher Miller SUVelo SUVelo
Michael Brown SUVelo SUVelo
Chris Ferguson Sweep Sweep
Marcus Culey NSCC Swiss Wellness
Andrew Finlayson NWSCC The Odd Spoke
Garry Millburn CA Trek Champion System


  1. Colin Iremonger

    You have me listed above instead of my son Sam in the Subaru Albion Team

  2. Darcy

    Any entries on the line?

  3. mwcc

    Race Results for All Grades.
    A Elite
    1st Tristan Cardew. Möbius Future
    2nd Chris Miller. SUVelo
    3rd Clinton Edwards. JML

    A Club (Subaru)
    1st Brett Cocks. MWCC
    2nd Troy Fisher. Sutherland
    3rd Ben Jonhnson. MWCC

    A Club (Rhodes)
    1st Phillip Lucas. MWCC
    2nd Gareth Rydon. SCC
    3rd David Grech. SUVelo

    B Grade (Smartlne)
    1st Richard Costello. MWCC
    2nd Matt Taylor. RBCC
    3rd Rohan Douglas. NSCC

    B Grade (Energise)
    1st Marin Duvnjic NWSCC
    2nd Tim Walkington. DHBC
    3rd John Ward. MWCC

    C Grade(AllPress)
    1st Paul Curgenven. Bicisport
    2nd Donald Semken. LACC
    3rd. Matthew Robinson. MWCC

    C Grade (Coffee)
    1st David Leon. DL
    2nd Matthew Vassilieff. NSCC
    3rd Robin Vandereeke. MWCC

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