Viva Le Tour – Women’s Road Race July 13

The Tour De France isn’t just about a bunch of skinny guys riding their bikes across France. This year we celebrate the final stage on the Champs Elysee with a Women’s Race on centre stage. MWCC are offering all ladies to take part in the biggest road race on the Sydney Calendar – the Akuna West Head Road Race July 13. There will be two all female grades on the day, one for experienced riders and one grade for the novices. Come and be part of the revolution!

Women’s cycling has been growing in popularity as shown by the recent success of the Sydney Women’s Road Series. We had a fantastic turnout for the MWCC round and we hope to welcome back those riders and more this month. Do you want to test your limits? Want to try to a race without all of the male testosterone flowing around? Our road race is a great introduction into the joy of road racing – there is a reason our races sell out. Our road race is the only year round road race in metropolitan Sydney, it has climbs, smooth roads, great views and it is safe.


If you have never raced before but want to see what all of the hype is about, then our womens C/D grade is a perfect place to start. Once you sign on and pin your race number onto your jersey, you will be given a pre race briefing before setting off in your peloton from the roll out at the Akuna Bay Marina. The first 4 kilometres is up the steady rise towards West Head and this is a neutral start. This means you will all ride together at a comfortable pace, this will give you an opportunity to calm the nerves and get comfortable with your position within the peloton. Then once you have turned into West Head it is game on, you will complete a lap of the West Head loop which will take you out to the turning loop at the far turn around (this isn’t the lookout rather where the toilet blocks are located) you then come all the way back to the junction of West Head and Akuna, do a u-turn head backup the nasty little berg into West Head and ride about 1 kilometre back into West Head towards the Elvina Walking track Carpark, where the finish line is located.

The Women’s A/B race will also have a neutral climb before the riders complete two laps of the course.

If you haven’t raced at any sort of cycle race before but are considering it – our guide to entering may be of some assistance.


In order to turn a pedal in anger enter our race via and guarantee your place on the start line when entries open 6 July at 9am. Just like the pro conti teams getting a call up to Le Tour with a wildcard entry we will be allowing one day licences to be purchased, these can be purchased online and on the day, if space permits. With the Cycling Australia half yearly memberships kicking in from 1 July, this is a great opportunity to see what all of the hype is about.

We will have cash prizes and baguettes for those on the podium.

If you are nervous about racing alone, bring along a friend to race with – it makes the post coffee shop debrief all the more fun.

Our course is a testing road course, with a steady climb at the start from Akuna Bay, before completing the rolling 24km loop of West Head per lap. To ensure that riders have enough energy during the race, to turn the screws and get up the nasty little bergs out on the course, thanks to Science In Sport, we can also offer 15% off their products when purchased through their website – and then add the code ‘MWCC’ in the coupon section of the shopping cart. This should allow you to stock up on energy gels and drinks prior to race day and bring a box of 30 gels to just over $50!

Women’s A/B will be a two lap race for riders who have some racing experience, the Women’s C/D race will be for those who are new to racing or have limited group riding experience. It will be a neutral climb up Akuna Bay and then a single loop of West Head. Please come along and be part of the adventure.

Riders should note that they must complete the full course in order to be eligible for the podium. If you are dropped from your group for any reason, please do not join back into your group or another group. You may tap out the rhythm on the back of a group and get a lift back to the finish line. This is a road race and not a criterium.



Women’s A/B is a two lap event. This grade is designed for those who have some race experience, whether it be at our event, other races on the road or track. This race will have a neutral climb up Akuna – don’t worry there is plenty of opportunities to attack throughout the course.

Women’s C/D is a one lap event. This grade is designed for those that are new to racing or have limited confidence riding in a peloton. This grade will have a neutral climb up to West Head. This means the group stays together riding up the first climb and the race will begin once the riders turn onto West Head road. This grade is suitable for juniors and riders of all ages – age is NOT a barrier!

All riders must show a current 2014 Gold Racing Licence unless a one day licence is purchased and an approved Australian Standards Helmet at the sign on.

As usual our road race will be signing on from 7am for all grades down at the Akuna Bay Marina – pre entry is available until Friday 11 July 5pm, unless sold out prior. If you pre enter please ensure you arrive at a minimum 10 minutes before your race start. There is plenty of parking available in the car park and toilets are available.

Please ensure that you use the toilets inside the marina complex. Behind a tree is not a toilet.

Our race can send your heart rate rocketing from the roll out, so we do encourage riders to be warmed up and recommend that you consider parking around Terrey Hills and riding into the park, to ensure that you have had a good warm up prior to race start. Please be cautious on the descent down into the Park.

The finish line and presentation area is located at the Elvina Walking Track Car park on West Head Road.

We would request that you do not park in the Elvina Walking Track car park – this not only assists our marshalls when they head up there to set up for the finish, but also assists with our relations with the National Parks. This also gives riders more room to hang around in post race.


Essential Details:

$15 Entry – with a Gold 2014 licence or an additional $30 for a day licence

Race Date: 13 July 2014

Sign on from 7am and Race Start 7:55am for Womens A/B– D’Albora Marina, Akuna Bay

All clubs and riders welcome. You do not need to be a member of a club to race. You can purchase a day licence to participate.

PRE ENTRY DETAILS – Entries open 9am Sunday 6 July and close 5pm 11 July. If there are still spots available, you can enter on the day.

By pre registering, you are ensuring your entry and then on the day you will just turn up a minimum 10 minutes before race start, sign the sheet and grab a number. If a grade is advertised as sold out, that is exactly what it means – no spots will be available on the day.

Please note that our races are raced on open roads. This means that riders must not cross over the centre line during the race. This can lead to disqualification. Please consider your behaviour and actions when both riding to and from the race and also during the race. Your actions impact on all users of the Park and also our ability to gain approval for our races. Our officials often have to answer questions based on non club riders behaviour that occur at anytime – so lets not make ourselves a target.

See you on the start line.

Au revoir



  1. MWCC

    A Elite
    1. Ed White (Data 3/ SuVelo)
    2. Anthony Murray (Subaru Albion)
    3. Chris Boogert (SUVelo)
    A Club
    1. Chris Miller (MWCC)
    2. Alex Abell (SUVelo)
    3. Nick Abrahams (?)
    B Shimano
    1. Miro Vadovicky (MWCC)
    2. Chris Bowie (RBCC)
    3. Brendon Cropper (MWCC)
    B SRAM
    1. Phillip Taafe (Day Licence)
    2. Conor Tarlington (Bicisport)
    3. Geoff Goh (NSCC)
    C Shimano
    1. Greg Linsdell (MWCC)
    2. Kevin Hazeldine (MWCC)
    3. Chris Wildman (MWCC)
    C SRAM
    1. Andrew Clark (LACC)
    2. Tim Hiley (NSCC)
    3. Mark Lacey (DHBC)
    D Grade
    1. Lachlan Yates (DHBC)
    2. Milan Uzelac (MWCC)
    3. Murray Whitlocke-Jones (Audax)
    Womens A/B
    1. Gina Ricardo (SUVelo)
    2. Cat Haines (MWCC)
    3. Josephine Meldgaard (Sydney)
    Womens C/D
    1. Mary Fien MWCC)
    2. Angela Smith (Peloton)
    3. Rebecca Hay (SUVelo)

  2. MWCC

    A huge photo gallery from the day is now up at

    Always professional photos from Riding Focus.

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