With the rapid growth of the club and a few different rides happening during 2012, it seems that a number of our club mates are turning up to rides only to find the group has left 5 minutes early or have agreed to meet at a later time and go on a different route. Tuesday 5:27, Wednesday 5:32, Thursday 5:30, Friday 5:20….

Therefore by decree and also to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to ride with our groups, all weekday rides will leave the bus shelter opposite BA at 5:30am. The routes will remain the same as advertised on our website.

This won’t stop riders going on a separate ride with their mates, or riders doing their own training session – however it will stop club members missing out on a ride simply because they aren’t on twitter or don’t know the name of every rider in peloton. With so many new club members, these rides are one of the easiest ways to meet other riders and also is a great chance to socialise.

It is an unfortunate situation, that we often have members both new and old asking “where was the bunch this morning? I waited but no one came by” this should remove that correspondence.

Thus going forward, if you want to be part of one of the weekday rides please be aware that these rides roll out from the bus shelter at 5:30am sharp.

Please note that the Saturday Cruisers ride – remains at 6:30am – it isn’t a weekday ride.

We will also be introducing a few more weekend rides during 2013 to also give our members some more options.