This could be your legacy – Belrose Tip

This is your chance to leave a lasting legacy by getting involved and making your voice heard. In 2013, the Belrose tip site will cease to operate as waste landfill and will be remediated and turned into public facilities.

The current planned and preferred activity is cycling related due to early ground work by certain members. At this stage we have $3.5m in funds available to start and we have a good level of support from within Warringah Council.

To ensure this gets developed as a cycling facility we need to show a degree of community support. Currently ideas are very loose and a lot of options are on the table. We need to be able to show that there is public demand for a multi use bicycle facility on the Northern Beaches and that it is worth spending the funds available on cycling facilities. Other options could be other sporting facilities which already have a number of options within the Northern Beaches.

Next  Wednesday 17 October 2012 from 5pm – 7pm at Covenant Christian Primary School – Dell Street, Belrose a workshop will be held in Belrose to begin discussions.

To get this up we need an active show of numbers. This may be our last chance to get a high quality facility on the Northern Beaches. This could provide a permanent racing venue that is available all year round. It will be free of cars and therefore will be safe for all levels of riders from young children learning to ride all the way up to our club races.

Please RSVP to Sandy Hoy of Parkland Environmental Planners at or 9938 1925

It isn’t just building a criterium track but also combining it with a mountain biking and other off road rides such as cyclo cross. Toowoomba managed to build a world class facility, surely we can manage one here on the Northern Beaches.

As we have experienced current venues can be taken away overnight – the installation of speed humps at North Head, destroyed any chance of that as a riding venue not just for us roadies but for the triathlon community as well. Even our current location in the National Parks is always tenuous and if we lose that as a venue, there will be limited other places to ride and race safely.

A permanent specialised facility will give us a real home and allow us to train and race in safety, without having to compete with cars and perhaps hold up a vehicle for all of 5 seconds and therefore have their day inconvenienced and our racing and riding venue taken away.

To get this up, we need you and we need you all in numbers. Now is the time to rise up.

Join the Velo-ution!



  1. Will

    A quick summary from the night:

    Due to the site being land fill, as the waste decomposes the lay of the land will continue to change and often sink down at various times. Thus it is unsuitable to lay roads on top of it for a crit track because the roads would continually break up. This is also the reason that the land is not suitable for playing fields.

    The site does appear suitable for mountain biking and downhill biking.

    That said the process is ongoing and is a number of years away fro any formal endorsement.

  2. Richard Measures

    I’m on the Ku-ring-gai council bike committee and we’re pushing for a crit circuit at St Ives at either the Showground or the Wild Flower Garden or improvements to the existing circuit at HART but, as with Belrose, this are likely to be years away. Peloton Sports will be running crit races on Friday nights at HART starting from 2 November.

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