The first race of the MWCC Road Racing Calendar rolls out this Sunday and we will get a chance to some some of Sydney’s top riders in full flight, who is at their peak as the crit season closes out and who is looking to build into the winter road season? Find out Sunday from 7:20am when A Elite rolls out on the imposing Akuna West Head road course.

Looking at the start list, many of the big hitters have returned for 2015: Jaeger bomb from Peloton has almost been unbeatable on this course while Dan Brickell has a number of victories to his name. Who will take the first win on the 2015 season over the 70 odd kilometres of rolling terrain? Will Dan Scheiner have the legs to make the step up to the podium in 2015? Perhaps Lucas Laxale will finally make an impression on the race or will he just leave the excuses to his strava write ups?


Jaeger again?

A Elite Provisional Start List 7:20am Roll Out

Andrew Pickering
Matt Rozyn
Edward Parker
Marcus Culey
Christopher Miller
Daniel Scheiner
Tamas Allenby
Daniel Paine
Chris Hageman
Declan Baker
Chris Boogert
Anthony Lowes
Bill Bolton
Tom Bolton
Daniel Brickell
Alex Chubb
Daniel Van der laan
Angus C
Lucas Laxale
Robbie Webb
Toby Orchard
Michael Jaeger
Justin Morris

Please note that the A Elite is the only division that you can wear non club kit all other divisions, riders must wear club kit or a predominately plain black or white jersey. The only exception to this is registered Development Teams who’s riders are under 18 or riders who have approval from the Race Commissaire.


A Club 7:25am

The biggest story in this prerace line up, is the name Lynne Clarke on the start list. Is she planning on being the next Marianne Vos? Never before has a lady signed on for a 3 lap A Grade race before. Full respect for a rider who has worked her way up from D Grade and shows the dedication of such a talented rider. A think a few men are going to be humbled on race day. While everyone will be cheering on Lynne, Simon Lempriere may not have any sympathy will be looking for top spot but will he be able to match Peter O’Connor who has been close to unbeatable at Tuesday night Heffron Racing or will the Easts riders be leaving their boxing gloves back over the Bridge?

Lynne Clarke
Peter Moore
Francesco Piazzoni
Simon Lempriere
Scott Austin
Mitch Dixon
Will Mclaren
Bendon Cropper
Cam Dinnie
Mark O’Connor
Simon Anderson
Michael Kurnik
Connor Hughes
Conor Tarlington
Tim Frankcombe
Mitchell Hayward
Nikolay Antonov
Jon Leighton
Jon leighton * Rider name TBC
Alexis Kaless
Peter O’Connor

B Shimano 7:30

These riders are doing battle over 2 laps of West Head and it will be hard to know the form of a number of these riders, however Michael Collings and Michael Ong are always competitive and so will be worth watching. Will anyone have the character to go long or will it be the usual lets wait until the last hill before trying anything?

Peter Ritchie
Greg Barnes
Philip Herborn
Tony Giugni
David Haynes
Robert Scheiner
John Pham
Keith Gray
Michael Collings
John Healey
Jonathan Herb
Charley Leighton
Amy Vesty
Mark Lacey
Harry Cleary
Randolph Baral
Michael Ong
Chris Teede
Richard Pettigrew
Simon Berry
Peter Campbell
James Bernard
Geraldine Blomfield-Brown


B SRAM 7:35

After his success at the Orica Kermesse with a second place in C Grade, Andy Hellmich will be starting this race as favourite. Tim LaForest of SuVelo has always promised so much and yet delivered so little, will he get the chance to step out of the shadow of his racing buddies and claim victory for himself or simply always be seen as the second option to Chris Miller?

Brian Tracey
Adam Hartard
Gary Harwood
Tate Dogan
Andrew Hellmich
Phillip Hey
Andrew Duggan
Peter Robertson
Phil Rigby
Andrew Matthews
Georg Bienert
Lewis Hunt
Thomas Carroll
Peter Livanes
Tim Walkington
Vishesh Malhotra
Adam Kimberley
James Everett
Nathan Galang
Angus Fisk
Austen Miller
Tim Laforest

C Prestige 7:40

The start list reveals a number of first time racers to the Akuna West Head field and so it may be a surprise victor in this grade. It is great to have some of the junior ladies from Subaru NSWIS NKC Cycling on the start line as they look to prepare for their upcoming road season. While he is new to the club, I am picking Stephen Choi to excel in his first race for MWCC.

John Wright
Karl Treacher
Forde Smith
Fergus Bermingham
Justin Diddams
Dan Umphray
Dan Bright
Stephen Choi
Tony Barbaro
Bruce Potts
Mark Redimerio
Chris Fowler
Bradley Macdonald
Alicia Macdonald
Nicola Macdonald
Peter Staciwa
Angus Kirkpatrick
Lachlan Soper
Gareth Rydon
Oliver Rainbow
Andrew Gardner
Kevin Eddy


C Hubbard 7:45

Reminder that this grade, does not race from the roll out. The ride up the Akuna Bay is a neutral climb at a steady pace and the race begins once the riders have turned onto West Head road. This grade is popular with a number of our female riders and looking at the start list they make up a quarter of the field and one or two may appear on the podium. There will certainly be a prize for first female over the line in this grade if they aren’t already on the podium.

Lana Moy
Jen Bullock
Simon Welfare
Matt Berger
Brett Babicci
Donald Ward
Terry Hunt
Lincoln Hey
Adam Gilbert
Trent McAllan
Simon Bolton
Jeremy Rankin
Josephine Meldgaard
Marissa Madden
Milan Uzelac
David Posker-Hill
Givanna Haryono Putri
Antonio Simonelli
Mark Long
Warren Lee
Holly Hawtin
Paul Jackson

D Grade 7:50am

This is a great grade to learn your race craft and this grade is about development, with only a single West Head lap and a neutral climb up Akuna. If riders feel that they are too strong for this grade, then they are encouraged to simply sit in and wait till the finish line to show their strength before stepping up next month. Blowing the race apart with an attack from the turn off is against the spirit of this grade and is considered poor race etiquette. For that reason we do not have any predictions on potential winners, instead the focus is on riders learning racing craft and confidence in the fast moving peloton.

Graham Sheppard
Grant Kepler
Phil Dunne
Greg Wunder
Simon Douglas-Roberts
Julie Hunziker
Adam Sutton
Andrew Simpson
Sally Kellaway
Laura Rigby
Toby Dind
Camilla Larson
Nandika Samarawickrama
Renee Simon
Alex Dircks
Jeff Karskens
David Heard
Jeff Karskens
Jamie Frankcombe
Justin Skowno
Matt Teffer
Dan Builth-Snoad


Riders can sign on from 7am at the Akuna Bay Marina Car park.